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The Most Commonly Stolen Car in the U.S.

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If a crook is going to target a car, the average person would expect that car to be worth a decent amount of money.  But this perception isn’t reflected in the actual statistics related to the most commonly stolen vehicles.  Time and time again, the vehicle most prone to theft is revealed to be not a Mustang, not a Mercedes, but the plain and reliable ’94 Honda Accord.  The Accord has been the thread that links the list together of the top ten most stolen cars from the past several years.  Other vehicles that made the list in both 2011 and 2012 included the ’91 Toyota Camry and the ’94 Acura Integra.


What these frequently stolen cars hold in common is their small size, durable builds and gas efficiency. Typically, vehicles of these types have high mileage and cannot be sold for much more than $2,500.  This makes them a prime target for thieves as owners aren’t as likely to take the same preventative measures for these older vehicles as they would be for flashier cars.  Given the nature of the economy and the proven durability of vehicles such as the Honda and Toyota, it’s likely that cars of this type will continue to earn top spots on the most stolen list for 2013.  But if you own one of these cars, there’s no need to be alarmed!  Simply take the following measures to keep your vehicle safe:


Select Parking Garages Supervised by Attendants


Vehicles are most often stolen while they’re sitting out on the street, so, as tempting as the parking meter may be you might want to think of the long-term risks and keep your car in a supervised parking garage.  Not only will your chance of chasing down a stolen vehicle be diminished, your car will also be better protected from hail and other weather-related catastrophes.


Remove Keys From the Car


This little hit might seem like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people have their vehicles stolen as the result of leaving keys in the car.  Leaving the car running while you dash inside to grab something you forgot or take a quick bathroom break is an absolute no.  And as tempting as it may be to let the car warm up outside before you take a driving trip, this will serve perfectly for a car thief.  Hidden keys should also be removed, for, no matter how good you think you are at hiding an item, there is always a crafty criminal who will manage to find them.


Take Advantage of Security Apps


The DIY approach to home and car security is becoming more and more popular, reports Securitycompanies.com.  For tech junkies, this often involves keeping cars safe with the assistance of innovative security apps.  For example, apps such as Viper and Python use GPS tracking to show that your car is where it’s supposed to be.  And if you suspect that something is afoul, such apps will allow you to put your car in panic mode from a distance.


Car theft remains a significant problem, especially for owners of small cars from the early ’90s.  But common sense strategies to auto security can ensure that your reliable Honda Accord is around a long time.


Image by Keoni Cabral pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.



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