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Shooting in Virginia

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Virginia On-Air Shooting

Same outrage that applied to Charleston shooting needs to apply here


On Wednesday August 26, 2015, Vester Lee Flanagan (aka, Bryce Williams) shot and killed two former co-workers, Allison Parker and Adam Ward.  Reactions to the recent (and unfortunate) shootings now have those on the political left feeling just how sharp that double edge sword cuts.


Flanagan was a black man who killed two white people.  Ferguson Missouri erupted in violence following the shooting of Michael Brown and the “Black Lives Matter” cause went to new heights.  All public figures who were in support of “Black Lives Matter” need to come out and promote “White Lives Matter” as well as rally people together in response to this shooting or else they no longer have any credibility when discussing future shootings of whites against blacks.


Following the church shooting by Dylan Roof in Charleston South Carolina, many on the left wanted the attack to be classified as a terrorist attack.  I for one agree that the Charleston shooting was a terrorist attack since he wrote out a manifesto and premeditated this attack for a perceived political motive.  Flanagan as well wrote out a manifesto and described how he felt the co-workers he murdered were racist and he was discriminated against in the workplace and this was an act of revenge.  The political left has to call this an act of terrorism as well.


According to Breitbart.com, Flanagan was a homosexual and had a gay pride flag in his apartment.  Again referencing the Charleston shooting, Dylan Roof posted photos of him posing with the Confederate battle flag.  Not only has the Confederate Flag been banned in areas all over the country but some stores have stopped selling it and some have even been attacked for flying the flag.  That same outcry needs to come for the gay pride flag as well, and this is not an apples to oranges comparison.  Flanagan murdered these two people because of retribution for the discrimination regarding his homosexuality (and race as well) he felt from his former co-workers, and the gay pride flag represents the rights of gays even more than the Confederate Flag represented slavery and racism.


Don’t expect those on the left to start making the points I just made anytime soon.  We live in a “politically correct” society…as long as it fits the narrative of those who call for it.  The shooter and the victims in this situation don’t match the narrative of the “politically correct thought police.”  Had this been a white man killing a homosexual black man or woman, those on the left would not let you hear the end of it.


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