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One Year Later…

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In our world of information overload, news stories, even those of major disasters, have a relatively short shelf-life.  The talking heads on our network and cable news programs report a seemingly endless string of calamities with those more recent displacing those that may have occurred but a short time ago.

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly when Hurricane Katrina struck our gulf coast, or a major tsunami struck Indonesia, or Haiti was devastated by its earthquake.  In fact, it seems that the recent Japanese earthquake and continuing nuclear disaster are already fading from my memory banks.  For whatever reason, however, I do remember that we are approaching the one-year anniversary since the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig ruptured releasing more than 170 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

I remember that, at the time, the spill was termed an environmental disaster of Biblical proportions and experts reported that the oil from that spill would have long-lasting impacts on that region’s shoreline and fishing industry and potentially the entire East Coast of the United States.

A year later, I wondered aloud to a neighbor just the other day what happened to all of that oil?  To my knowledge (that is, undeniably, limited), the Gulf shores have been cleaned up and fishing has returned to normal.  Absent news coverage, those outside of the Gulf Coast area have little recourse to information concerning the spill and its ongoing effects.  And, network and cable news programs are ratings driven – continuously seeking the next epic disaster or celebrity misbehavior (is anyone else tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen?).

For this reason, I thank the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for its follow-up efforts in producing the video below, as well as my neighbor Marge for calling it to my attention. 



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