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Life Without Blogs

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Landing in London proper more than a few years ago, I got the cook’s tour, courtesy of my husband, who was on a business assignment there.  One of the stops was Speakers’ Corner, at an entrance to Hyde Park not far from where we were staying.  My husband explained that anyone — any man, woman, or child — could, at Speakers’ Corner, hold forth about any subject that struck his or her fancy.  Furthermore, he or she could speak as long as he/she liked, within reason.  “Reason” went undefined at that point, but I’d later learned that “reason” had to conform to English law.

My husband ended this explanation with a sidelong glance at me. “Just promise me you won’t be regaling everyone ad infinitum with your take on the current music scene.”

I admit, I’d been slightly offended by that admonition. If U.S. legislators, whose salaries were paid by American taxpayers, could filibuster to their hearts’ content … and to the vexation of those with opposing views … and if the U.S. government was based upon Great Britain’s Parliament, why couldn’t I speak for an hour or so about a topic near and dear to my heart?   P.S., There was so much to do and see in London that I never made it back to Speakers’ Corner, although I did return to spend a pleasant hour or so inside the very green Hyde Park.

I’d actually loved the whole idea of Speaker’s Corner. “What a fine testament to the power of free speech!” I’d thought.  This, of course, was several years before the Internet was destined to invade our lives, and several more years before every Tom, Dick, and Harry had, quote, published himself, unquote, via a blog.

You’re reading this and chuckling, “Hey, Kat, aren’t you writing a blog?”  Well, yes and no.  I contribute to this website as time allows.  And when I do contribute, I don’t set out to destroy someone’s career, although there are a slew of politicians and record label execs I wouldn’t mind seeing on the unemployment line.  I don’t create controversy for the sake of garnering online “hits.”  And I don’t use this site, or any other for that matter, as a means of stroking my ego.

“Goodie for you,” You’re saying.  “God will plant a halo over your head when you kick.”   Well, if so, let’s hope you’ll be there to see it!   🙂

The inspiration for this particular article was a simple request I’d received from a friend … except that it wasn’t all that simple.  She’d wanted me to visit a particular website, to give it a “hit” and post a comment about someone in the public eye that I happen to greatly respect.  This was so that my friend and I could promote that public person’s latest accomplishments.

The problem was, that I knew that the blog in question had vehemently turned on this public person in the past.  And when the blogger saw her Google ranking descending as a direct result of too much vitriol spat from her keyboard, she decided to make nice to the artist in question in order to lure more viewers to her plummeting site.  And guess what?  The viewers bit!

The artist I follow is not the sole artist that the blogger has targeted in such a manner.  And yes, it’s still a free county, thank God, so she’s entitled to exercise her right to free speech.  But this is quite a bit different than pontificating, for example, at Speakers’ Corner or similar locales, where one’s words escape into the ether unless a passer-by or two happens to take them to heart.

Once committed to writing, words have power.  Words can promote careers or damage them.  Words can heal or hurt.   Words can uplift and destroy, particularly when they appear in written form.  Adults should know this instinctively (many, obviously don’t).  Children, especially, should be taught these truths.  We’ve all heard the terrible stories of teens committing suicide because another kid or group of kids has gone gunning for them — not with pistols, but with words on the Internet: words immediately accessible by people worldwide, words that then get copied and bandied hither and yon about the ‘net.

This article could go on for as long as, well, the now restricted practice of filibustering.  But don’t worry, it won’t!  :-)  We can walk away from know-it-alls, cruel bastards, and other ne’er-do-wells when they sound off in public (real, physical space, not cyberspace).  We can whisper behind their backs if we are so inclined (I’m not; I prefer face to face confrontation).  We can label these yutzes as  “yentas” or worse, and thus lay tracks to make tracks away from them in the future.

On the Internet, however, there is no respite from malicious, lying tongues; no sanctuary from the rumor mongers.  We can navigate away from the offending sites, yes.  And as we do, someone, somewhere has already downloaded, emailed, viral you-tubed, and/or printed the words from those malicious, lying tongues to trot out for future harm.

“They” don’t issue licenses to future parents.  So I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that “they” don’t issue licenses to bloggers whose primary intent is to hurt others for the sake of high Google rankings.  Oh, but how I wish “they” would! 

Turn Your Passion Into Income

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With a little work, dedication, and passion, anyone can make money online these days.  The Internet has made it possible for many people to make enough cash to afford some creature comforts, or even a full time salary and more.  This article will give you a highline understanding of what you should do to create some additional income (and possibly replace your day job), and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to do so.


Is there a specific hobby that gets you out of bed in the morning?  Can you talk non-stop about a specific subject because you know so much about it?  Are you an expert in something?  Building a content rich website takes hard work and dedication. It really helps if you love the subject matter.  There needs to be passion in what you do, because your work will show it.  The more passionate and compelling you are, the quicker your work will garner attention.


You need to have a website.  There is no question about it, but do not let that stop you.  Your best bet is a blog.  A blog is easy to manage and maintain and there are many free options available for you.  WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad are just three of the many options available for no cost.  Do not think you have to have the most beautiful site in the world.  The users should not be visiting your website because it looks pretty.  They are there for the content.


A website needs content to attract new users and keep the users coming back for more.  At minimum, you should start a site once you have 2 weeks or so worth of content.  Make sure you find a good schedule of posting, let your visitors know when you post, and KEEP TO THAT SCHEDULE.  There is nothing worse for a new site than gaining an audience then walking away from those users.


Now, once you have a website with quality content, you have to generate traffic.  For those of you who know nothing about Search Engine Optimization (the methodology to bring targeted traffic to a website, a good start is using Social Media to generate a buzz.  Twitter and Facebook are the perfect places to start finding individuals who will love your website and the content you provide.  Create accounts for these services, do searches for those interested in your subject matter, and strike up conversations.  Do what you would normally do when speaking to someone about your passion.  Make sure you ask people in these groups for feedback.  It is a no cost way to find out what is working for you and what is not hitting the mark.  Beware of time sinks using these services.  You have a goal, and you must balance work and play.  For example, Facebook has many games you can install, and these suck up time quite fast.  No games, no fun little quizzes.  Find an audience that you can help mold your website and attract attention.


Once you have the Social Media working for you, start finding other like-minded websites for reciprocal link building.  Ask those websites to swap links.  Make sure you use keywords for your links.  Use keywords that help define your website, and use the same ones.  The more links you have for specific keywords, the more likely Search Engines will show those links to people searching.  You may wish to offer these websites a guest article, review, or anything that may be related to their subject matter.  Offer them something of value, and ask for a link in return.


Remember, this is work.  You must have passion and a little bit of work ethic for this to succeed.  It takes time and will not instantly create income for you.  Once you start getting regular doses of traffic, you can find many opportunities to make money.  Selling a tangible product or service is best, as it will generate the most profit for you.  If you have no way of selling a product or service, you can work on placing ads on your website, sell affiliate products, and offer paid reviews to related companies.  If you do well, companies will be emailing you to sell their products.


Jay Mcleod is the author of http://www.internetgenerated.com/, a website resource that can guide anyone with a little passion to make money online.  Jay has made millions of dollars for his clients in the past 10 years in Internet Marketing in many different industries and is now teaching these concepts through the website.  He currently resides with his Wife and Daughter in New Jersey.

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