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Through the Looking Glass

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In the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice pokes at a wall-hung mirror behind her fireplace and discovers, to her surprise, that she is able to step through it to an alternative world – a reflected version of her own house.  For today’s homeowners who want their bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools to reflect their own individuality and exquisite tastes, glass tiles are the obvious choice for floor and wall applications.

Because they reflect light, glass bathroom tiles will make a bathroom appear bigger and brighter.  Developed over time, glass tiles have become the modern-day descendents of the stone and ceramic mosaic tiles of yesteryear.  Easy to clean, they are an ideal choice for use as a kitchen backsplash.  Additionally, glass tiles are naturally mold and mildew resistant – the reason why they are the preference of designers of the most elegant swimming pools.

Durable and impenetrable, glass tiles are color-fast, will not fade, and the color will not chip off.  Excellent for interior and exterior uses, they were selected to adorn the walls of subways and tunnels going back as far as 1900.  Available in a virtually limitless array of colors and designs, the clean lines and understated elegance of subway tiles makes them a timeless choice for home or commercial applications. 

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