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Jerseylicious: You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

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Season two of Jerseylicious is hitting its stride as it airs its fourth episode “Shore ‘Nuff!” this Sunday, September 26th at 8pm et/pt on The Style Network. Check out the juicy highlights from this upcoming episode and a Jerseylicious abs workout tip courtesy of Filippo!

Plotline: Tracy and Gigi are planning an Atlantic City Weekend because Gigi is on a break from Frankie. While the ladies are having a Gatsby ladies’ weekend, the guys decide to have their boys’ night out. But can Anthony party like he was 21 again? In addition, Filippo shows off his body to teach viewers how to get killer Jerseylicious abs (video below!).

Jerseylicious Tip: Incredible Abs

Description: Fillipo shows off his spectacular abs and gives tips on how to get ’em. Check out his sexy workout (baby oil included!).


Jerseylicious: Boys’ Night Out

Description: Can Anthony keep up with the fellas during beer pong? Plus, Filippo shares his secret to getting girls at the club.

Jerseylicious: Girl Problems

Description: Frankie talks to his parents about his breakup with Gigi. Is his mom taking it harder than him?


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