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Before the Blood Runs

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If I were an extreme Leftist, I might liken our government’s recent decision to fund revolutions overseas, to the tune of $25 million, to that of foreign militant factions funding revolutions around the globe.   But I’m not a Leftist.  I’m just a law-abiding citizen … one who fears that, if things don’t turn around in the good ole US of A, and soon, (i.e.: quit giving taxpayers’ hard earned cash to foreign nations), we’re ripe to see another revolution here, right within our own borders.

Okay.  So that $25 million is slated for peaceful foreign dissenters seeking to establish democratic governments in their own lands.  This means that the $25 million is actually calculated to feather our own nest. The more democracies, the more allies we’ll have globally.  Or will we?   Shall we name all the so-called friendly countries we’ve funded, the countries that have either turned on us or used our resources to line their own dirty pockets?  Nah; it’s too exhausting.

If Washington is going to suck that $25 million out of us anyway, there are a lot better ways to use it, to benefit American citizens.  We can shore up our borders.  Hell, if ancient China erected a wall to waylay their enemies, and the Roman Emperor Hadrian did the same, only twice as long, in the British Isles, surely the country that put men on the moon can find a way to secure our borders.

And let’s not forget our ports, or our tallest buildings in our major cities, buildings that could benefit from the presence of military jetfighters (I don’t need to explain why, do I?).  All of this ought to make very quick work of that $25 million, create more than a few jobs here, and allow us to breathe easier at night over what all is going down here, instead of thousands of miles across the globe.

Or, we could take the $25 million, use part of it to establish a new manufacturing corporation, commandeer useable machinery from other manufacturers here, and hire a workforce.  We could start with the unemployed.  Sure, it’s just a Band-Aidâ„¢ on this last-gasping-breath economy-slash-democracy.  But revolutions have to start somewhere.  And better that they begin judiciously and righteously, for they almost always end with blood running in the streets.

It has run here before.

I do see the potential advantage of forking over that $25 million to the budding foreign democracies.  I just see more benefit in our government using it to restore faith in, and demonstrate some genuine consideration for, the American taxpayers … via our own little revolution. 

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