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Poor Rachel

Posted on 15 July 2013

  As we read the Bible, we occasionally find a verse dealing with the fate of mankind after death.  Even though we can see that it deals with this subject, it is often difficult to know exactly what the verse teaches.  This is because of the way God has written the Bible.  As a result, […]

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You Are Here

Posted on 07 June 2013

  In many areas such as city neighborhoods, college campuses, parks and even in large buildings, you’ll see a diagram like a map posted to help people there understand exactly where they are in relation to their surroundings.  Usually, the diagram is marked with an arrow and the words “You Are Here” to indicate the […]

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Convergence: Our Best Hope

Posted on 28 May 2013

  Rising waters must converge.  The thought occurred to me other day as I was alone in my car driving toward the cemetery in which my mom’s body has rested for the past thirty-eight years.   Any visit to a cemetery stimulates contemplation, spawning reflection on one’s past, mortality, life, and its meaning.  Yet, on […]

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A Silly Prank with Tragic Results

Posted on 27 April 2013

  It’s not only in England that there is great interest in Queen Elizabeth II.  At one time, the British Empire extended all over the world.  According to the online source Wikipedia, the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly known as the British Commonwealth) now consists of over 50 sovereign states.  Many of these were colonies in […]

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She Met the Gardener

Posted on 04 April 2013

  God can reveal truth to us in different ways as we read the Bible.  For example, He uses people, places, objects and even animals to represent ideas associated with His salvation plan.  We might find a certain truth in a statement God made to one of the prophets; but we may also find that […]

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A Message on the Ground

Posted on 19 March 2013

  In John 8, we read about an incident that occurred during the ministry of the Lord Jesus.  The Lord had been teaching in the temple, and a group of scribes and Pharisees came to Him.  They brought a woman they had arrested for adultery, and asked the Lord what He had to say about […]

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Have You Been Amazed?

Posted on 21 February 2013

  In many verses, the Bible tells us something about itself and how it relates to man.  Some verses show us how we got the Bible.  For example, in 2 Peter 1:21 we read:   For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as […]

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Have You Been Bundled?

Posted on 24 January 2013

  The Lord Jesus gave His disciples a little help in understanding some of His parables.   For instance, in Mathew 13:24-30 we find a parable about wheat and tares growing together in a field.      A Field at Harvest Time   Right from the start we know that the parable will teach us something […]

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Who Is Your Family?

Posted on 05 January 2013

  The following story is true.  The names have been omitted to protect the innocent and the guilty.   Family relationships are complex, and individual members of families often play roles determined by birth order, gender, comparative dominance-submissiveness of mother and father, and a variety of other factors.  Narcissism – ranging from a healthy self-love […]

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A Modern Medical Breakthrough and the Christmas Story

Posted on 21 December 2012

  The Bible makes it clear that the man the world knows as Jesus Christ was actually God personified; but it also reveals that He was fully human.  It’s widely believed that the Lord inherited His human nature from Mary.  We will see that it was not necessary for the Lord Jesus to be genetically […]

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