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HELLO TO ALL THE LADIES!!! WELCOME TO OUR WHINE AND WINE PAGE!!! Some of you may know us and some of you may not, this all started two years ago on my (Cherene) front porch. Then it was just four ladies sitting around drinking wine and whining to each other about our everyday issues. I guess you could say this was an escape from our everyday lives: a way to vent and seek advice from each other about bills, our jobs, our crazy schedules, relationships, kids, and most of all, MEN!!! Who doesn’t need a day to let her hair down while wearing her most comfortable clothes with good company by her side and a glass of wine in her hand? Since then, the word about Whine and Wine and our little group of four has grown to family members, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers who just heard about our nights. This has become such a therapeutic way to vent about life that we wanted to share it with everyone! We have even gone as far as had “Themed” Whine and Wine nights – like 80’s night, Pajama Party night, Bring Yo’ Momma night, and Holiday parties too! These nights are truly something we all look forward to. We laugh, cry, dance, play games – anything and everything goes! Even if it is only one night out a month, it really does bring us all together and allow us to just be ourselves and say whatever we like without worrying if anyone will judge us. We truly believe that every single one of us deserves a night out to just be YOU!! SO GIRLS…we encourage you all to start your own Whine and Wine’s and share your thoughts or questions, stories, advice, pictures, and your own traditions with us!!! LADIES ONLY THOUGH, SORRY GUYS!!! So come on ladies – if you are anything like us, then YOU CAN’T GET THROUGH ANYTHING WITHOUT YOUR GIRLS!!!

The Whine and Wine Crew

To Wed or to Bed (That is the Question)

Posted on 20 March 2010

The choice between entering into marriage and remaining unfettered is one of the most serious decisions we will ever make.  While both the heart and the intellect play a role in such decisions, so does another physiological component: hormones. At the mercy of testosterone, from time immemorial, men have embraced the sport of bed hopping […]

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Young Hearts, Be Free Tonight!

Posted on 04 March 2010

Letting each other have a little space is an important ingredient in the recipe of any successful relationship, particularly those of the romantic and/or spousal variety.  Some people just don’t grasp this simple concept, so eloquently phrased as the old adage, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”   Technology has now made familiarity a lot more widespread, in the […]

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Valentine’s Beware! More Lame Pickup Lines

Posted on 14 February 2010

On Valentine’s Day, love is in the air.  Those of us with spouses or significant others mark the date with gifts, dinners, and romance. But, what of those who do not have loves in their lives?  For those finding themselves in this position, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely day indeed (isn’t “one the loneliest […]

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The Ties That Bind

Posted on 22 October 2009

The decision to place a wedding band on your finger is a very personal choice.  Although the wedding band is a universal symbol, the meaning behind that symbol varies from individual to individual and from couple to couple.  Down through the ages, wedding rings have been symbols of commitment and undying love.  Worn on the third […]

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Wedding Day Blues

Posted on 18 October 2009

When the person of your dreams strolls into your life and the feeling is mutual, you decide to “jump the broom,” as they say in Africa.  In the U.S., we call it taking wedding vows and pull out all the stops to create a day of storybook nuptials.  In order to ensure that all boded […]

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Rock of Ages

Posted on 12 October 2009

As women enter middle age, we like to think that we mature with at least some modicum of grace and dignity.  All hope dies aborning!  Growing old brings more things to worry about, but worrying does not halt the aging process.    It’s more than just adding another year onto our chronological histories.  We spend small […]

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Lame Pickup Lines

Posted on 24 August 2009

Have you ever wondered why male birds are always more brightly colored than the females?   The answer is both simple and ingenious.  Nature has equipped the males with dazzling plumage with which to attract their ladybirds and thereby ensure the continuance of the species.   Nature has not been so kind to homo sapiens.  Lacking […]

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Gender Bender

Posted on 12 August 2009

I am not sure if you have noticed.  Perhaps if you had been born into my generation, you have.  But if you are a younger person (and, like all things, that term “younger” is relative), you may not have noticed the turning tide or what that tide has left on the shoreline of our society.  […]

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More To Love

Posted on 03 August 2009

Many people are carrying around a few extra pounds that they would like to shed, and for most of these people, the weight loss is fairly easy.  The other side of this coin, however, is stamped with an image representing people what Western society has dubbed in recent years as the “morbidly obese.”  While I’m […]


Are You for Sale?

Posted on 22 July 2009

Prostitution is illegal in most states.  Legalities aside, it is apparent that many of us are, without actually selling our bodies on street corners, promoting or using them for personal gain, including fattening the profit margins of commerce.   While most men tend to simply turn up the charm a notch in order to get […]

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