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Balloon Invasion!!!

Posted on 25 July 2015

  You never know when you might be minding your own business and get invaded by a flotilla of hot air balloons. This was precisely the case at a 9 year old baseball game I recently umpired. It made for a memorable game.   The balloons had taken off from nearby Solberg Airport in Readington, […]

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Secrets of the Delaware River Bridge

Posted on 30 July 2012

  Like the designers of the Egyptian Pyramids who added secret compartments within their walls that stored the wealth and possessions of their Pharaoh inhabitants as preparation for their journeys and lives in the next realm, more modern architects have hidden treasures within their structures.  Hundreds of thousands of riders travel over the Benjamin Franklin […]

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The New Jersey Self-Help Clearinghouse

Posted on 09 June 2012

  The New Jersey Self-Help Clearinghouse has been helping people find and form support groups for over 31 years. Plans for the Clearinghouse began in 1980. Armed with a wooden card file box and index cards, the Clearinghouse began to collect information on self-help support groups. This list continued to grow and was printed as […]

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The Mystery of Round Valley Reservoir: New Jersey’s Bermuda Triangle?

Posted on 04 June 2012

  Clinton Township in scenic, rural Hunterdon County is home to New Jersey’s largest and deepest manmade lake, Round Valley Reservoir.  Spanning 2,000 acres and stocked with trout, the lake – as deep as 180 feet in parts – has become a popular spot for area fisherman since it was opened to the sport in […]

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The Hindenburg Mystery

Posted on 08 May 2012

May 6, 2012 marked the 75th anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster, when the German passenger airship LZ (Luftschiff Zeppelin) #129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station.  Newsreel footage, photographs, and the recorded radio eyewitness report of Herbert Morrison have all […]

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Alaska: The Last Frontier

Posted on 20 April 2012

  The history surrounding the acquisition of our 49th State of the Union is quite different than those of the 48 States that preceded it.  Driven by would be come to be called Manifest Destiny, those who settled our 13 original colonies and those who followed them, striking westward, wrested land from the Native Americans.  […]

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No Matter How You Slice It — The Onion, God’s Wonder Drug

Posted on 29 November 2011

When God created Planet Earth, He placed upon it a rich bounty of food products designed to nourish mankind and enhance his health.  As man progressed, he began to understand the healthful properties of certain foods, many of which warded off disease.  In capitalizing upon this knowledge, medical science was born. The more that man […]

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The New Jersey Devil – A Halloween Mystery

Posted on 29 October 2011

The legend of the New Jersey Devil just won’t go away. Unlike other ancient legends the winged and devilish monster has persisted in the consciousness of the state from the 1700’s right up until the modern day, with clear sighting still being reported. As Halloween approaches we thought it would be good to provide a spooky […]

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The Legend of Rat Island

Posted on 05 October 2011

Rat Island is a two-and-a-half acre rock formation situated in Hudson Bay, near Pelham, New York (The Bronx).  As per American history, its origin dates back to 1654, when Thomas Pell purchased the land from the Siwanoys, one of seven Native American tribes that inhabited the area.  Of course, as far as the Siwanoys were […]

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Hail to the Chief

Posted on 14 June 2011

Hail to the Chief is a march played during Presidential appearances at public events as well as Congressional visits.  It is the formal, musical announcement that precedes the President of the United States of America.  As directed by the Department of Defense since 1954, the U. S. Marine Band or some other military ensemble performs […]

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