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Tyrant on FX – Family Drama on a Royal Level

Posted on 25 June 2014

  Tyrant premiered last night on FX and the show is definitely worth following.  There is a lot of story that will need to be revealed in the upcoming episodes and that story may be too much to support in the future.  The drama already created, however, will not leave anyone disappointed in the meantime. […]

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The Realization of a Musical Dream

Posted on 09 June 2014

The Music Corner   Few people get to realize any of their lives’ dreams.  I’m one of the fortunate ones.  My story begins almost a half century ago in the southern New Jersey town of Willingboro, one of many post-war era planned suburban communities of the ‘50s and ‘60s.   As a child and adolescent, […]

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That’s Entertainment – Klezmer Style!

Posted on 30 May 2014

  A good friend recently called me to share the news that the Klezmer band in which he plays would be performing at Jewish Heritage Night festivities at an upcoming Philadelphia Phillies’ game.  Subsequently, he contacted me to inform me that he had an extra ticket if I wanted to make the 70+ mile trip […]

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Godzilla = God Awful

Posted on 18 May 2014

Newest installment of monster film may be worst movie ever!     The release of Godzilla filled theaters in its first weekend of release, but the movie left a lot to be desired in this author’s opinion.  An unexpected storyline and poor acting left this viewer underwhelmed.  In fact, the only redeeming factor of this […]

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How to Play Blackbird by The Beatles

Posted on 12 August 2013

  Growing up, I – like many of my generation – was a huge fan of The Beatles.  Among the many songs that remain a favorite of mine is Blackbird from what is commonly referred to as “The White Album” – a double-album released in 1968 in a plain white cover with no graphics other […]

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KAPOW! Original Batmobile Up for Auction!

Posted on 18 January 2013

  From the category of “where are they now” comes an entertaining infographic on a subject of interest to many – classic television programs and movies.  However, the “they” are not people but vehicles.   Have you ever wondered what became of the vehicles that transported the Clampett’s in The Beverly Hillbillies, Van Williams and […]

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Electricity and Entertainment

Posted on 10 November 2012

  The massive power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy, or “Frankenstorm” as it has been dubbed due to its proximity to Halloween, has many in New Jersey considering – perhaps, for the first time – what life would be like without electric power.  Electricity provides mobility, connectivity, and creature comforts unimagined by most just two […]

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Mission to Mars: Reality or Media Hype?

Posted on 14 August 2012

  Imagine leaving your home to relocate to a distant land, never to return.  What thoughts would cross your mind?  What emotions would you experience?  Now, imagine that the distant land to which you are to relocate is not even in this world!   Well, if the plans being laid by a Dutch Company are […]

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The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

Posted on 16 July 2012

  Almost 31 years since its occurrence on the night of November 28-29, 1981, the tragic, untimely death of Academy Award-nominated actress Natalie Wood remains a mystery.  Was her death accidental, as was originally determined by Los Angeles County Coroner Thomas Noguchi following a brief investigation?  Or, was her death due to foul play – […]

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You’ve Gotta Be Gay!

Posted on 24 May 2012

  I receive a number of promotional emails from publicists of various bands and other entertainers weekly.  Rarely, however, do I feel the urge to share the work of these artists with my site’s visitors.  Today, however, I do.  The video below is by Brooklyn’s folk pop collective “Balthrop, Alabama,” and it is a hoot!!! […]

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