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When Will It End?

Posted on 30 July 2013

  As reality television continues to grow in popularity, Americans are becoming a nation of voyeurs.  Whether its Toddlers and Tiaras, Jerseylicious, Snooki and JWoww, Sister Wives, or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the American fascination with the lives, loves, oddities, fortunes, and misfortunes of others seems to have no bounds.  This fascination extends even […]

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Edward Snowden: Patriot or Traitor?

Posted on 13 June 2013

  In the scandal-a-day political milieu that has become the second term of the Obama Administration, truth appears to be a relative concept.  Historians, with the advantage of hindsight, will undoubtedly have a better perspective on the impact of current revelations that have cast doubt on the direction that our country is taking.   As […]

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Secrets and Subterfuge: Our Government Run Amok

Posted on 10 June 2013

  In the past year, a series of scandalous secrets have been uncovered that have Americans questioning whether they do indeed live in the the land of the free and the home of the brave.  The coverup of the terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, harassment and illegal targeting of conservative groups by the […]

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Remembering the Original Meaning of Memorial Day

Posted on 25 May 2013

  After the Civil War, women in what was the Confederacy began a tradition – decorating the graves of the soldiers lost during the war.  This practice was later adopted in the North for those soldiers who had died defending the Union and was named Decoration Day.  It was subsequently renamed Memorial Day and a […]

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Lessons from the Boston Massacre

Posted on 25 April 2013

  Popular wisdom states that “every dark cloud has a silver lining.”  It also warns that “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.”   Now that the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing have been tracked down by the capable efforts of the FBI, local police forces, and a vigilant citizenry, the residents […]

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The Boston Massacre: What the Public and our Government Refuse to Admit

Posted on 18 April 2013

  Now that the dust has settled on the events of Monday past, as we bury our dead and heal our wounded, this fact remains:  America is at war with Islamic terrorists that continue to chant “Death to America” and seek opportunities to kill innocent Americans and disrupt our way of life.   Evidently, this […]

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The Spy Who Stung Me: Privacy in a World of Miniature Drones

Posted on 16 April 2013

  What’s a hired assassin to do?  Once, like the fictional James Bond, among government’s most secret and prized resources with a “license to kill,” it seems that government-employed killers are just the latest to succumb to automation technology.  As drone technology improves, trained professional killers will likely hit the unemployment lines en masse.   […]

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Beware the Ides of March

Posted on 09 March 2013

In the history of mankind, many memorable quotations have been recorded.  Among these were –   “Give me liberty or give me death.” (Patrick Henry)    “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” (General Israel Putnam at the Battle of Bunker Hill)   “Where in the hell are all these Indians coming […]

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The Real Truman Show

Posted on 27 February 2013

  In 1998, The Truman Show was a major motion picture box office and critical success.  It was the story of a young man living what appeared to be a normal life in his hometown of Seahaven, a tiny seaside village that was actually a complete television set built under a giant arcological dome.   […]

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Immigration Reform: A Distraction from Our Real Problem

Posted on 31 January 2013

  Of all the problems facing our Congress and our nation, the most important – in the humble estimation of this author – is putting America back to work.  Since the Great Recession of 2008, unemployment levels have remained at approximately 8%, persistent unemployment hovers closer to 20%, and full employment has vanished from our […]

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