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Who’s Buying Global Warming?

Posted on 30 November 2015

  Unlike most people who appear to have a settled opinion on the topic, I am both baffled and dubious about the validity of the theory of global warming – a theory whose time appears to have come as world leaders pontificate on the subject of climate change.  As I attempt to grasp the subject, […]

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Balloon Invasion!!!

Posted on 25 July 2015

  You never know when you might be minding your own business and get invaded by a flotilla of hot air balloons. This was precisely the case at a 9 year old baseball game I recently umpired. It made for a memorable game.   The balloons had taken off from nearby Solberg Airport in Readington, […]

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Adults and Children – Not So Different

Posted on 30 April 2015

  As a child, I perceived adults to be knowledgeable, mature, and responsible.  To me, they usually appeared to be purposeful and in control.  Five decades later, I realize that my childhood perceptions could not have been further from the truth.   As many who are familiar with this website are aware, I officiate several […]

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Terror in Suburbia

Posted on 04 July 2014

Imagine that you live in a small suburban community and that you stumble upon a covert network.  Are they computer hackers, identity thieves, foreign or domestic terrorists, or – perhaps – something worse?  They assume control of your mobile phone, computer, and every device you own that employs computer or communications technology in its operation.  […]

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That’s Entertainment – Klezmer Style!

Posted on 30 May 2014

  A good friend recently called me to share the news that the Klezmer band in which he plays would be performing at Jewish Heritage Night festivities at an upcoming Philadelphia Phillies’ game.  Subsequently, he contacted me to inform me that he had an extra ticket if I wanted to make the 70+ mile trip […]

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4 Considerations Before Going With a Long Commute

Posted on 03 January 2014

Jobs in big cities often have attractive salaries and room for advancement.  What they often don’t have, however, is affordable housing.  Some people deal with the housing costs or live in houses with roommates.  Others choose to commute varying distances.  The U.S. Census reports that the average commute for workers is 25.5 minutes.  However, 8.1 […]

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3 Backyard Projects That Don’t Require Professional Help

Posted on 21 December 2013

Every home requires upkeep, and homeowners can save a good chunk of change by learning how to handle home maintenance tasks on their own.  But just as a little tool-related know-how can be helpful in keeping your house in shape, it’s also important to understand your own limits, and to hire professional help when necessary. […]

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Your Last Christmas

Posted on 14 December 2013

  For Christians, Christmas is often the happiest time of the year – particularly, for children.  With “visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads,” children eagerly await the day and Santa’s visit.  The experience of the sheer joy and love of those seasons past lives with many of us our entire lives, regardless the […]

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The Calorie Grinch

Posted on 13 December 2013

You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, I’m telling you why…   The words of the holiday standard Santa Claus is Coming to Town serve as a warning to children everywhere that Santa keeps a list of who’s “naughty” and who’s “nice.”  The implication is, of course, that good little boys […]

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Don’t Overspend on Black Friday! Tips To Spend Less

Posted on 25 November 2013

Last year, more people shopped in store and online on Black Friday weekend, hitting an unprecedented $59.1 billion in sales, CNN Money reports.  With Black Friday just around the corner, many consumers look forward to some post-Thanksgiving shopping as well as the opportunity to enjoy great bargains.  To make the most of the holiday discounts, […]

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