Tyrant on FX – Family Drama on a Royal Level

Posted on 25 June 2014


Tyrant premiered last night on FX and the show is definitely worth following.  There is a lot of story that will need to be revealed in the upcoming episodes and that story may be too much to support in the future.  The drama already created, however, will not leave anyone disappointed in the meantime.


The show focuses on the second-born son of the leader of a nation in the Arab League.  Known as Abbudin Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed, the character, played by Adam Rayner, left home at the age of 16.  The season begins with Barry having a flashback to his past as he is set to return to his homeland for his nephew’s wedding.


Barry’s wife Molly (Jennifer Finnegan) thinks the trip back will be good for Barry to let go of his long-held resentment toward his family.  His son Sammy (Noah Silver) is looking forward to the trip because he knows he is royalty in Abbudin.  But, Barry’s daughter Emma (Annie Waters) doesn’t want to go.  She would rather vacation in America and knows that her father left his homeland for a reason.


When arriving in Abbudin, Barry is met by his older brother Jamal Al-Fayeed who is set to become leader when their father dies.  The grooming he received from his father in preparation for assumption of leadership has left Jamal unstable.  Flashbacks only show parts of what went on in the past, creating an expectation on the part of the viewer that the holes will be filled in throughout the season.


When in Abbudin, Barry is still struggling to confront his father regarding their past.  He refuses to stay in the Presidential Palace and doesn’t want the royal treatment that comes with his family name.


Jamal on the other hand is struggling with the growing burden placed on him as he knows his time to be leader approaches.  Jamal is also in a dysfunctional marriage with his wife Leila Al-Fayeed (Moran Atias) and engages in reckless behavior.  Additionally pressured by a potential terrorist threat to his son’s wedding, Jamal follows advice from Barry, and the wedding is a successful event – much to Jamal’s pleasure.


I don’t want to give away too much from the first episode, because readers interested in potentially viewing the program should really watch it themselves.  However, as the turmoil becomes too much for Barry to handle and he tries to leave with his family, circumstances force him to stay and that is where this episode ends.


The show comes on at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on FX and is on that late because it is for mature audiences.  Sex, power, and family issues on the highest level make this show worth watching.  Adam Rayner seems perfect for this role, and personally, I think Jennifer Finnegan is an outstanding actress worth watching on her own.



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  1. Hemenfose says:

    Terrific review and a very good show. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season.

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