Borderline Disaster – Illegal Immigration Chaos at the Gates

Posted on 18 June 2014


It’s time to stop with race politics and see the illegal immigration situation for what it is, and that is anarchy.  It wouldn’t matter if illegals coming into the United States from our southern border were Hispanic, Asian, European, or African, what does matter is that these people are coming here illegally, and it has to stop before it’s too late.


For those who aren’t familiar with our immigration policy, anyone born in America, be it to parents who are legal citizens or illegal aliens, is considered a United States citizen.  When that child is born in America, the parents of that child have a much better chance of staying in the country then they would if they didn’t have a child in this country.  As ridiculous as that law is, the United States is now permitting children and their parents coming across the border to stay for a period of time.  Often, once they are processed, there is little way of tracking them.


Fox News is reporting that many coming across the border right now are trying to get caught.  That’s right, they are intentionally turning themselves in to border patrol agents when they cross the border.  Many of them are children or pregnant woman.  Why would someone do this?  The answer is simple, because they are taking advantage of United States citizen’s sympathy and compassion and are aware that we will take care of them with entitlements and possibly make them citizens.  And, that doesn’t even include the criminals and gang members we are letting in by the dozens as we refuse to lock down our borders.


What do we think would happen if any of us tried to go to Mexico and get entitlements such as welfare and food stamps?  I’ve never illegally entered Mexico so I can’t state with any certainty what would happen.  But, I doubt any of us would be given food and water, have our kids taken care of, and be transported by bus to family members.


This has nothing to do with race.  I wouldn’t care what the color of the people crossing our borders was.  Point of fact, the only illegal immigrant I’ve ever known in my life was from Portugal, and while I respected him as a person, I wasn’t any happier about him being in this country illegally then any of those I don’t know coming across the border right now.


I tend to believe that not wanting pregnant woman crossing a river deep in the south in the blazing heat of late spring and early summer is actually a compassionate stance.  I believe that not using children to further their parent’s agenda is very sympathetic.


There are no positives to illegal immigration, no matter what anyone says.  Many humans are smuggled into this country from around the world and not just our southern border.  Many are trafficked for sexual or slave reasons.  Many die in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.  Those who do make it into the country only take jobs from American citizens and often work for less than market rates, contributing to driving down wages.  If you don’t believe me, then why would business owners hire illegal immigrants?


It’s time to build a fence and lock down our borders.  This is the only way to get control of the illegal immigration mess, even if it isn’t foolproof.  This country has enough problems as it is, we don’t need to import anymore.



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One Response to “Borderline Disaster – Illegal Immigration Chaos at the Gates”

  1. Jack S. Fogbound says:

    This is what our present administration has promised in hope and change, but for who? Also the Mexican government has allowed this to happen by not controlling their borders. Since we the people of the United States of America have no control over this situation, Our only reaction is to send a message to the Mexican government by boycotting all Mexican products sold in the U.S.

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