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The Unprofitable Servant

Posted on 31 August 2013

  If you’re learning just now that the Bible mentions an unprofitable servant, you might guess that this servant comes to a bad end.  And you would be right – but only half right.  The Bible actually tells us about two different types of unprofitable servants.  We will see that their situations are very different. […]

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Posted on 27 August 2013

  Over the weekend, I had a nostalgic experience.  I happened to catch a little bit of an episode of Emergency!, the 1970s era television program that was the first to chronicle the exploits of two paramedics and a hospital’s emergency room staff.  Little did I realize that, just two days later, I would find […]

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Want to Live Longer? Try a Vegetarian Diet!

Posted on 23 August 2013

I was about to leave my office to get a bacon double-cheeseburger smothered with blue cheese at my local burger joint when I saw the following infographic.  Apparently, according to a new study, an all-vegetarian diet is responsible for lower death rates associated with hypertension (high blood pressure)   Oh well, maybe I’ll have them […]

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How NFL Sunday Ticket Max Can Help You Win Your Fantasy Football League

Posted on 22 August 2013

Fantasy football has officially ascended from pastime to a way of life.  It’s a national phenomenon, with more than 30 million people participating throughout the nation, notes Rant Sports.  From September through December, fantasy football leagues even affect productivity in some workplaces.   Prizes for winning a fantasy football league range from bragging rights, to […]

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How to Play Blackbird by The Beatles

Posted on 12 August 2013

  Growing up, I – like many of my generation – was a huge fan of The Beatles.  Among the many songs that remain a favorite of mine is Blackbird from what is commonly referred to as “The White Album” – a double-album released in 1968 in a plain white cover with no graphics other […]

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Operation Downfall

Posted on 10 August 2013

  The American bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki displayed for all the world the unprecedented destructive power of the atomic bomb.  Faced with extinction, the Japanese surrendered, bringing World War II – the deadliest and most widespread conflict in human history – to an end.  When the celebrations ended, information about the War transitioned from […]

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Urge to Purge: Moving Into a Smaller Space

Posted on 09 August 2013

Downsizing isn’t a burden, it’s an opportunity. Think of it as “The Great Cleanse,” a chapter in your life that frees your personal space as well as your mind.  Organize your move and downsize by following rules for keeping you on track while purging.   The Basics   One Year Rule: If you haven’t used […]

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