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Secrets of the Delaware River Bridge

Posted on 30 July 2012

  Like the designers of the Egyptian Pyramids who added secret compartments within their walls that stored the wealth and possessions of their Pharaoh inhabitants as preparation for their journeys and lives in the next realm, more modern architects have hidden treasures within their structures.  Hundreds of thousands of riders travel over the Benjamin Franklin […]

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A World Without Love

Posted on 25 July 2012

  In the early hours of Friday morning, July 20th, as moviegoers at the Century Aurora 16 multiplex in Aurora, Colorado were viewing the latest Batman movie, the unthinkable happened.  A gunman wearing body armor and a gas mask and carrying three firearms opened fire on those in attendance at a crowded midnight screening of […]

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Too Poor to Live – The Sal Padovano Story

Posted on 19 July 2012

  The greatness of a society is demonstrated by the way it treats the least of its citizens.  Perhaps nothing expresses how far America has fallen from its once lofty heights than the tragic story of Sal Padovano, a 54 year old resident of Harrison, New Jersey.   Once a union carpenter who was involved […]

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The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

Posted on 16 July 2012

  Almost 31 years since its occurrence on the night of November 28-29, 1981, the tragic, untimely death of Academy Award-nominated actress Natalie Wood remains a mystery.  Was her death accidental, as was originally determined by Los Angeles County Coroner Thomas Noguchi following a brief investigation?  Or, was her death due to foul play – […]

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The Great Escape

Posted on 10 July 2012

  Once again, another fascinating true story of World War ll has found its way into my e-mail, and I am taking the liberty of retelling it for my readers.  It is a story familiar to most aficionados of World War II movies; albeit, the facts are somewhat different than the film’s storyline.   As […]

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Independence Day, The Fourth of July

Posted on 02 July 2012

  In the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, Earth is invaded by aliens with intent to exterminate all mankind.  The United States, devastated by the destruction of its major cities and death of most of its leaders, plans and coordinates a global counter-attack as a last ditch effort to destroy the alien invaders.  The counter-attack occurs […]

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