Showroom Logic: Driving Traffic and Revenues to Car Dealers

Posted on 02 May 2012


I’ve often thought to myself that anyone who sells a product for $20, $30, or $40 thousand or more while netting less than $1 thousand in profit on each unit sold has got to be crazy.  Yet, that is just what auto dealers across America do every day of the week.  I understand, of course, that there are ancillary avenues for dealers to make money, such as service, aftermarket products, and financing.  Yet, for auto dealers to be successful, they must sell high volumes of vehicles in order to cover their staggering expenses and maximize profitability.


To do just that in today’s economy, dealers must identify new ways to maximize market exposure.  While broadcast media remains a viable, if relatively expensive, means of advertising, print media – newspapers in particular – are on the decline.  Auto dealers, like other business owners everywhere are finding that a consistently increasing percentage of their business is coming from the Internet.


Now, auto dealers have access to a platform enabling them to optimize the online market exposure:  Showroom Logic provides dealers with the tools to manage their online marketing, presence, and image.


Dealer SEO enables dealer websites to dramatically rise in the organic search rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  But, search engine rankings are only one piece of the puzzle.  Today, social media marketing is critical to both search engine and marketing success.  Showroom Logic’s proprietary networking technology helps dealers to better manage their social media messaging and includes the first and only Facebook app for car dealers that can be directed to any dealership website.


To drive additional highly targeted traffic to dealer websites, Showroom Logic’s AdLogic proprietary platform creates 8 banner ads for every vehicle in dealer inventory and displays them on targeted sites throughout the Google content network.  With Google PPC for Car Dealers – AdLogic working, hordes of motivated car buyers will be driven to participating dealer websites – generating leads enabling savvy dealers to capture new sources of revenue.


Take the first step toward growing your dealership’s business volume:  check out Showroom Logic today!

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