The New Evil Empire?

Posted on 13 April 2012

The image below and information contained in it were sent to me by a party unknown to me.  I was obviously sought out because of my position as a powerful, influential member of the media (LOL).  I do not know if the information presented is accurate and disclaim any responsibility for the content of this post.


Yet, I am always wary of the influence wielded by the rich and powerful of the world.  The sheer numbers of people who use sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter – to name just a few, enable those in charge of such sites to shape public opinion and dictate consumer and social behavior.  Of course, the same might have been said at one time of newspapers and television, but I think that the Internet and these mega-sites in particular is a much more pervasive influence on the lives of people today than any newspaper or television programming – even in the days when there were but three television channels!


Whether completely accurate or not, the image and information presented below should give you pause to reflect on the influence of the Internet and social media on your own life and behavior.




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3 Responses to “The New Evil Empire?”

  1. Kathleen Felleca says:

    Very interesting article/information. Guess I’m one of the Chosen Few. I don’t “do” social media sites. I feel that they are a terrible invasion of privacy and that the invasion is invited by those who create accounts and use them regularly. I joined Facebook several years ago to support some indy musicians that I follow; I must have posted there … two? three? four times .. in all. I keep forgetting to delete my account entirely as I never use it.

    Another interesting fact. The huge Wall Street firm that purchased Facebook laid off 1,600 employees the week before the ink was dry on the contract with Facebook. For this layoff, one of a string of many since the Crash of October 2008, the firm claimed “lack of funds and poor earnings.” But they had enough funds and enough earnings to buy Facebook. Yet another example of the little guy getting screwed by the Evil Empire.

    John Lennon’s lyrics ring in my head: “Well, ya say ya want a revolution.” But we don’t, do we? We like our complacency. We like getting screwed by the liars and thieves in government and big business. Another lyric is playing in my head: “Where have all the flowers gone?” The heck with the flowers. Where have all the people gone who raised their voices in unison in the 60s, 70s and even 80s to affect positive change?

  2. Mrs Grevilliea Kelly says:

    I’ve been surfing online more than 3 hours today and stumbled upon this graphic. Thanks for publishing it.

  3. renata says:

    Terrific graphic. After breakfast, I’ll return to view other posts.

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