Leave It All on the Field of Life

Posted on 30 April 2012


One of the things that players and coaches often say or to which they allude regarding an upcoming contest is that they intend to “leave everything” on the field or court.  Presumably, this means that each athlete and coach will summon and employ all of their intellectual and physical resources to achieve the objective of winning the game.  No effort will be spared, and, at game’s conclusion, all participants will be completely drained.


Whether or not that level of effort has ever been expended in reality, is a matter of opinion and debate.  One thing, however, is certain.  To apply oneself completely in the quest to achieve a goal provides the doer a sublime sense of satisfaction, distinct from and regardless of the actual attainment of the objective.


In my humble opinion, life should be lived in just that manner.  All of one’s talents and resources should be fully consumed, not simply for personal glory but, as is true with a team, for the betterment of others.  With nothing held back, there can be no regret, but rather a sense of contentment and serenity, as one approaches his inevitable passing.


We will all someday experience those moments when the life force leaves our mortal bodies, although none of us will be able to describe them to those remaining.  And, in my view, those moments will seem like an eternity.


Remember, as the hearse containing your cold, lifeless body transports it to its final resting place, no moving van will follow.  Nothing of this life, except the love or hate you have built upon within you, will accompany you on your soul’s journey to its next plane of existence.  Resolve yourself to fully empty your tank before you go.


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4 Responses to “Leave It All on the Field of Life”

  1. Bovie Lee says:

    Repeat this every morning and evening – “leave it all on the field of life.” This should be the mantra of those who wish to make something of their lives.

  2. Zman says:

    This inspirational article is outstanding and a must read for anyone who is dissatisfied with the way his life is turning out.

  3. Vera says:

    Self-awareness is a journey to one purpose and fulfillment and is a road worth traveling.

  4. winfred says:

    Sometimes, it pays to be skeptical. However, I would say that your thoughts are pretty accurate.

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