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Posted on 17 April 2012


Don’t tell a soul, but I have a crush on Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  For the uninitiated, Dr. Cooper is the main factor in the equation of The Big Bang Theory.  On this hit comedy series, Sheldon is a 21st century Mr. Spock possessed of an eidetic memory and an IQ off the charts compared to most humans.  The cerebral Sheldon Cooper’s only interests, apart from quantum physics, are gadgets and gizmos.  And when those gadgets and gizmos reflect his favorite sci fi movie characters, Sheldon is over Jupiter’s moons!


So, if I were free to pursue the heart of the admittedly fictional Dr. Cooper, I’d woo him with some excellently-priced, ready-to-ship goodies from  I’d start by impressing Sheldon a call from my cool Darth Vader Helmet Phone.  With his interest peeked, I’d then offer him the Darth Vader cufflinks to wear to his next formal presentation. I’d explain that he can shoot his cuffs and eyeball the evil warlord to stave off the nerves that always attack him when he speaks in public.


If these gizmos and Geek Gadgets 2012 don’t float Sheldon’s boat, I’d entice him with a Solar JOOS Orange Portable Charger.  Sheldon is religiously devoted to and protective of the data he researches, organizes, and houses on his computer.   Should the electricity fail, that gadget will save the day.  And if all else fails, I can haul out my secret weapon … well, not so secret, as it’s listed on for a really cool price.


It’s the Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set.  Sheldon’s phobia of birds stems from the chicken that treed him once in childhood; he relives the terror with each glimpse of a winged creature.  A quick dispatch of a few arrows will keep those pesky pigeons off Sheldon’s windowsill.  I’m just kidding on this one.  Penny and Leonard would shoot an arrow into my nether regions if I dared attack the L.A. wildlife.  Raj would faint and Howard would offer to remove the arrow!


Seriously, if Sheldon didn’t like any of these neat and always updated products from, he could roam the website at will, discovering other things that would tickle his sci-fi lovin’ heart and make his life on Planet Earth a lot easier.  The latter includes an ironing board device that tackles wrinkled sleeves, a locket to house USB ports, and a Carepeutic Heart Monitor Ring (Sheldon is a bit of a hypochondriac, but this gadget is helpful for almost anyone).


Sheldon would also find super discounts for online stores, including AbeBook coupons, Amazon promotional codes, and more – all of which are listed on the right hand side of the site.


Please pardon this hasty retreat, but my Darth Vader Phone is ringing, and I hope it’s Sheldon! 🙂


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  1. Jimmy Choo says:

    I love electronic gadgets!

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