Piling On

Posted on 29 February 2012

In the world of professional sports, when players pile on top of one another, there usually is a penalty to pay.  But, in the United States of America, when corporations pile on top of overburdened taxpayers, Big Business gets off Scot-free each and every time.

Consider, if you will, the price of gas.  Even before OPEC shuts off the world’s supply of oil, a familiar scenario at the gas pumps ensues, like that line from the old Cole Porter song about repeating and repeating in your ear.  The scenario begins with taxpayers getting stiffed as the prices at the pumps creep upward with each passing day and the media heralding this information — as if it takes investigative reporters to alert the American public that it is once more getting the shaft from the people that gave us the Great Recession.  We, the suckers, bailed out Big Business to the tune of $710 billion, to avoid an alleged financial calamity.  But even with the bailout, the calamity occurred: taxpayers were hit with rampant unemployment as well as escalating prices.

Our dependence on foreign oil has existed for more than a century.  This issue is kicked around and around the halls of Congress as a necessary evil, yet all our fearless leaders do is argue with each other instead of providing us with viable solutions.  We are told ad infinitum that we have alternatives to foreign oil, alternatives that include natural gas, shale oil, oil from a friendly nation (Canada), clean coal, and green energy such as wind power.  With all of this alternative energy, we could easily leave our dependency on oil from unfriendly, price-gouging countries in the dust of their own deserts.

But, not only do we continue to line the pockets of these oil-rich nations in exchange for their black gold, our lawmakers add insult to injury by sending them foreign aid (hard-earned taxpayer money).  Let one tsunami or earthquake occur   on foreign soil, and we respond immediately, sending millions of taxpayer dollars to the affected — even if they hate our guts!  $140 millions American taxpayer dollars were poured into helping the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti.  Yet, no one can account for where the money actually went!  Has the United States become a collection of masochists or fools?  Or has it become a nation ruled by “the haves” who play as fast and loose with taxpayer money as gamblers blithely rolling the dice in Las Vegas casinos?

Washington, as usual, turns a blind eye to the plight of our citizens.  The legislators in our nation’s capital rail that our problems stem from entitlements that are to blame for our economic woes.  Yet, “entitlements” such as Social Security and Medicare are funded by government-mandated taxes!  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that, with 10% or more of the working class unemployed, and our young people migrating overseas to find jobs, these programs are doomed in the future.

Instead of continuing to pile on to the little guy, why doesn’t government mandate that corporations keep jobs on American soil?   Let’s put the shoe on the other foot.  With such mandates, the percentage of outsourced jobs would be negligible.  More Americans would be gainfully employed, creating disposable incomes that, in turn, would create larger markets for manufacturers.

On the opposite side of the employer coin lie the entrepreneurs, that ambitious breed of emerging business professional that creates jobs for others and actually built this country.  Why not give tax breaks to entrepreneurs, after they have passed a means test to see if the number of jobs they create is worthy of the tax breaks?

These are win-win situations.  But they are not happening, because our lawmakers are paid off by big business to turn a blind eye to the plight of the taxpayers.  And that bribe money is only the icing on the cake.  If Washington is so concerned about entitlements, why not deep-six the entitlements of our career politicians?  Entitled to separate retirement plans and all the perks that go with the job, no wonder so many lawmakers die in office!

How long must the American people endure this kind of treatment before saying “Enough is enough!”?  Charity must begin at home. The dream of owning a home in America is now nothing more than a fairytale.  The reality is that unless jobs come back to America, unless we stop throwing hard-earned taxpayer money at undeserving nations and into the pockets of filthy-rich CEOs and politicians, we ourselves will become a third-world nation.  I wonder who the filthy rich CEOs and politicians will prey upon, then. 

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