The Cain Scrutiny

Posted on 04 November 2011

Did Diogenes search in vain?  Just when the voting public thought it had found Diogenes’ honest man in the 2012 Presidential race (Herman Cain), it’s received a nasty surprise.  After ten years of silence, two women have come forward, alleging that Mr. Cain is guilty of the crime of sexual harassment.

The allegations emerged, interestingly, courtesy of Cain’s own political party.  Initially, the Republicans welcomed him aboard when he threw his hat in the ring.  Maybe they’d assumed that a political newcomer wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell among their ranks; maybe that’s why they tolerated him.  But the Republican handshakes, smiles, and general bonhomie quickly faded with the recent accusations.   With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Once, the purpose of political debates was to enlighten voters as to the politicians’ stands on issues that impacted our nation.  But, like many things in this country, political debates have devolved into shadows of their former selves.  The purpose of debates nowadays is for the candidates to yank skeletons out of closets and rattle the bones, tripping up opponents on their own words and actions.  The benefit is that the accusers, by comparison, are supposed to come out smelling like roses.

To maneuver successfully within this nest of vipers, a political hopeful must be educated as well as continually coached in the fine art of mudslinging and bald-faced lying.  If the mud comes back to roost upon the slinger, the guilty party always denies his guilt with the facile lie, “Oh, it was simply a misunderstanding.”  Herman Cain is obviously untrained in the art of lying to the general public.

Had he been properly coached, Cain would have countered the accusations with, “It was a simply a misunderstanding of words that escalated into charges of harassment. But, it was resolved with a financial settlement, with the understanding that the settlement was in no way an admission of guilt.” Isn’t hindsight a bitch?

What intrigues me is why no one seems to want to talk about who leaked the information about the alleged sexual harassment charges.  Was the discovery of this alleged crime unearthed in a routine investigation by the Republican Party?  Or was it something more nefarious?

If I were a suspicious man (ahem), I might think that certain people in power don’t want to see another Black man in the White House.  If I were ever more suspicious (cough, cough), I might think that certain people in power don’t want to see an honest man of any color in the White House, as he is sure to threaten the status quo of the liars, mudslingers, and robber barons in DC and Corporate America.

Those same mudslingers and liars are the ones who can afford to pay, and who do pay, for national ad campaigns.  These campaigns paint their opponents as horned demons bent on raising taxes and stealing from the public in order to gain the seats entitling them to the keys to the kingdom.   This is the reality of the world in which we live.  The concepts of transparency, honesty, and integrity have become nothing but misunderstandings for a voting public desperate for the truth.

Now Herman Cain is living through his Baptism of Fire.  Now he understands the dirty rules of the game of politics.  Now, the bloom is off the rose, as it was with Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and any other public figure who ever attempted to change the status quo through integrity, genuine talent, compassion, and logic.  Lesson learned: should you toss your hat into the political ring, or any other very public arena, the price you pay may be more than you’d ever expected … even in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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