Spice Up Your Holidays

Posted on 18 November 2011

Here comes Santa Claus,

Here comes Santa Claus,

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

Just in time to help you with presents

That can otherwise be a pain!

Yes, we took liberties with the lyrics of that old Yuletide chestnut, and for good reason.  Deciding upon a unique and much appreciated present for that special woman, or man, in your life, can often tax the brain.  No more.  This year, Santa has sent you a little helper — not with pointed ears and a red and green cap.   This helper is actually ilovesexy.com.

Don’t let the name of the URL throw you.  This provocative valentines lingerie is actually appropriate for any special occasion … behind closed doors, that is.  With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season already upon us, why not peruse the website to see what intimate apparel strikes your fancy?

Ladies, if you purchase this ultra sexy attire, don’t let on to the man in your life.  Tell him, instead, that you have a special gift for him to unwrap, after the kiddies have gone to bed with visions of sugarplums boogying in their little heads.  Imagine your man’s delight as he tears off the “wrapping” to reveal the surprise beneath!

Husbands and boyfriends, if you want your ladies to know just how sexy they are, consider a purchase from ilovesexy.com.  And hey, if you’ve already done your Christmas shopping, buy a few items and tuck them away for the next amorous holiday, Valentine’s Day.  This pretty, sexy merchandise will not break the bank; it is extremely affordable and most definitely, a whole lot of fun.

Enjoy your holidays! 

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2 Responses to “Spice Up Your Holidays”

  1. Jack S. Fogbound says:

    What ever happened to Jesus?

  2. Constipated Ed says:

    I have to agree with Jack,No Jesus ,no Christmas, just pagan rites.

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