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Posted on 26 August 2011

As I write this, Hurricane Irene is barreling up the East Coast, and millions — including my family and me — are bracing for the worst.  Six years ago, I lost half my house to the tail end of Hurricane Dennis, and I do not live in a flood zone.  Weather patterns are changing drastically and rapidly; none of us, regardless of our geographic locations, are safe from their whims.  However, if we are proactive, the danger from natural and other disasters can be mitigated.

ADT, the company you’ve come to associate with the highest quality in home security systems, has gone beyond protecting your home and family against intruders. In home security searcy and elsewhere, you will find that ADT now offers even broader safeguards and greater peace of mind.  The company now provides two-way speak phones, with direct linkage from your home to their offices.  In the event of a dire emergency, you’ll have the ability to contact them directly so that they can coordinate the appropriate emergency response for you.

The set-up/installation cost and the monthly fees are so much more affordable than you may have imagined.  Think about it.  If a tree crashes through your roof in a storm, if fire breaks out, if a loved one takes a nasty spill, if your aging parents fall ill, if your carbon dioxide alarm screams out a warning, or if any other emergency occurs, ADT will be there for you, even if your home floods during a hurricane like Irene.

Approximately twenty-four hours now before Irene begins her wreckage in my area, most of us are tracking this monster storm. Many of us have HD TV.  But only those of us who have Direct TV have access to the widest number of weather channels dedicated to 24-hour coverage, as well as the clearest picture and the best sounds.  With more than 170 regular channels (sports, home improvement, cooking, heath, sit-coms, the news, films, and more), as well as options for sought-after premier channels, DirectTV delivers 285 choices for viewers: more than any other provider. 

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