Moammar, We Hardly Knew You!

Posted on 22 August 2011

As Moammar Khadafy (alternately spelled Gadhafi or Gaddafi) exits the world stage, fashionistas everywhere are no doubt mourning his loss.  Known for his cutting edge use of color, bling, and especially hats as fashion accessories, Khadafy was always outfitted to make a statement (although, the exact meaning of that statement was not always readily apparent).

Mo, as his friends call him, likes to don his military dress uniform for special occasions.

And, he is always surrounded by his crack staff of colorful, impeccably dressed bodyguards.  Hugh Hefner has nothing on Mo.

 During state visits, Mo frequently wears his royal garb, using gold accents and green earth tones to give him a peaceful, yet noble appearance.

For everyday governing, Moammar favors attire in the red, blue, purple family of colors – often combining colors to make bold fashion statements.

At home, Mo often wears basic black.

But, don’t confuse him with Bob Dylan, for whom he is frequently mistaken.

Yet, Mo will be best remembered for his signature use of tans and browns that so beautifully complemented his swarthy, rugged skin tone and texture.

So, as we bid a fond farewell to Mo, we also remember that he is a man for all fashion seasons. 



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6 Responses to “Moammar, We Hardly Knew You!”

  1. Cindy S. says:

    I cried at this article … cried laughing, that is!!! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    We couldn’t let him go without your fitting tribute. Wow, those pictures really highlighted the story with shots of his fashion genius.

    Great story, first laugh ever about Mo. Loved it.

  3. Trang Spierling says:

    Hello there! This was hilarious! Thanks a lot!

  4. Jack S. Fogbound says:

    My complements to the author for finding these photo’s they belong in the Sadistic Hall of Fame along with Adolph, Benito, Hirohito, Saddam and Usama

  5. Jack says:

    They say what goes around comes around, and the strange chain of events that followed the photographs posted in this article, with the final photo of the Libyian Dictator greeting the President of the United States or was it the last farewell of the plotter of the Lockerbie Bombing that brought about his demise. Go figure!

  6. Lori says:

    thanks for the great info

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