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Posted on 25 August 2011


Have your or your family been so hard hit by the economic landslide that you have been forced to seek low income housing?  And did you fear that quality housing under such circumstances is an impossible dream?  If so, you have yet to discover lowincome.org: a rich and legitimate source of information and assistance.


With a nationwide inventory listing of more than 50,000 quality low income houses and apartments, the site presents detailed descriptions of each available property, clear photographs, and contact data.  It also delivers, in clear, concise language, general guidelines and governmental regulations for eligibility for low income housing — information that is well worth reading.


For example, the guidelines vary somewhat from State to State and sometimes from city to city within each State.  Every State, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, makes provisions for good, low income housing.  You do not have to be unemployed to take advantage of these programs, but your eligible income level is dictated by your city or State.


While the overall directive is that your combined household income cannot exceed $40K per annum, this is not a hard and fast rule.  That figure may change, contingent upon the geographic location in which you live, the percentage of your monthly income that you allot for rent, and how many dependents live with you.  Under Section 8, which pertains to subsidized housing, the government assumes the lion’s share of the rent while qualified tenants only pay 30% of their income toward their housing.  Additional considerations are discussed on the website.


Both online and off line, there exists a wealth of information  concerning low income housing and listings of available properties.  However, none is as current or as comprehensive as lowincome.org.  Visit the site today to educate yourself and locate an affordable residence of quality for you and your loved ones. 


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