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Posted on 29 July 2011


As of this writing, the United States of America is poised at the precipice of financial ruin: our lawmakers cannot find a solution to our staggering National Debt.  “Had our government been keeping a closer eye upon the country’s finances, and the allocation of those finances, we would not find ourselves in this mess!”  These are the words on every American’s lips these days, and the thoughts in every American’s head.  But, how many of us are guilty of the doing the same thing with our own finances that the government has done with taxpayer money?


Circumstances such as the Stock Market crash of three years ago, government’s $710 billion bailout to big business and banking, and escalating unemployment have certainly contributed to positioning many of us right where we are today, in financial jeopardy.  Yet, there are still avenues out of the hole, if we only know where to find them.


Those resources are closer than you think.  In fact, they are a mere mouse click away on the Internet.


In addition to providing you with free credit scores on a monthly basis,’s financial experts offer so much more.  Additional, no-cost service options include analysis of your existing loans and other debt against your credit profile, searches for more viable options that will enable you to maximize your finances and improve your credit score, and financial modeling.  Financial modeling enables you to view the impact of a better credit rating and/or a higher salary upon the health of your savings.


Via sites like Consumer Reports, you can access critical credit report tips.  By sharing these free tips, you can gain the knowledge you need to begin to elevate your credit rating that has such a significant bearing upon the quality of your life.


Don’t delay, as our nation’s lawmakers have done with the August 2nd deadline.  Get started today on a better credit score and greater savings by visiting and capitalizing upon the advice and support of 


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