Charity Begins at Home

Posted on 05 July 2011

“Only in America!”  How often have you uttered or overheard these words when yet another act of idiocy occurs in the process of governing our country?  Whatever blunders our legislators commit — including our incumbent administration’s desire to grant civil rights to enemy combatants — many of our issues stem from the attitude that the Constitution of the United States was formulated to protect the rights of everyone … except American citizens!

In a vain attempt to remind The Idiots in Charge, I will tell said lunatics, who view the Constitution as a matter of personal choice, that this most sacred of civil documents was written solely for American citizens!   How anything that impacts non-citizens within our borders can even go up for debate, and votes, as either Constitutional or non-Constitutional eludes me.  If something impacts a non-citizen, defined as someone who has not vowed fealty to our nation, the Constitution does not apply!  Yet, the stupid process of determining whether non-citizens are eligible for consideration continues!

American citizens are the most generous people in the world; I defy any nation to give evidence to the contrary.  From our taxpayers’ pockets have come billions and billions of dollars in aid to foreign nations, the moment disaster strikes overseas.  Witness our government’s immediate and munificent reaction to the earthquakes in Haiti.   Now, contrast that to what our legislators did to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, right here in New Orleans.  Only in America!

Over the past several years, the U.S. has been visited by many terrible disasters at the hands of Mother Nature.  Add to this an economic collapse culminating in the Stock Market crash of September 2008, from which we have yet to begin to recover.  If any of this happened in any other part of the world, we would have dispatched aid immediately.  But, if it happens on our own soil, it requires a Congressional investigation resulting only in finger pointing, usually toward the previous administration.  Only in America!

You name it: whether it is healthcare, education, or developing foreign nations, help is just for the asking — except in America, for Americans. Why are we the second-class citizens of the world, who must go begging when disaster strikes in the so-called richest country in the world?  Surely, the foreigners we help cannot vote for candidates in our elections.  So, why is there a need to help foreigners first, instead of citizens?  As the say in Denmark “Something is wrong here.”

The only way to stop this insane practice is to enact a law that would combine monies from corporate profits and the war chests of elected officials (a.k.a., campaign funds) as 99.9% of our relief funds.  This should be done before attaching the remaining 1% of taxpayer money.  Then and only then can the rest of the world look at us as if we are the sane ones.  Only then can they say in awe, “Only in America!”

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