Jerseylicious Season 3: Upcoming Insanity!

Posted on 02 June 2011

Style’s #1 hit show Jerseylicious continues the insanity as Season 3 continues this Sunday night.  While the drama this season has been more intense than ever before, the upcoming episodes are even more so.

In Mikey Madness, Tracy runs into Olivia and Mikey and confronts them about their budding relationship.  Fans of the show won’t want to miss this epic confrontation!

In Lorenzo Gets Schooled, Lorenzo stops by Gigi’s ex Frankie’s house on his way home from beauty school.  Frankie’s dad, however, discovers Lorenzo’s real agenda!

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What You See is What You Get?

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9 Responses to “Jerseylicious Season 3: Upcoming Insanity!”

  1. Linda says:

    Gigi and Olivia fans!!! I love you girls, Gigi for always being fair and humble and Olivia for not caring and giving a crap about what Tracy thinks. Tracy!, girl you DO need to buy clothes that fit and you need to get over Mikey… He’s moved on!!!!! Calling Olivia childish for putting up a picture of her man, your childish for making a big stink out of it… HATE how you talk trash about Olivia and that she plays the good girl image, there’s no image to be played, viewers see what we see and what we see is jealousy.. There really is no reason for you to be jealous, you actually are a very pretty girl but your attitude makes you insanely ugly… Gigi!, give Frankie another chance, he loves you and you love him. Love jerseylicious!, you all are entertaining and make me smile every time I watch the show. Oh yeah!, and felippo! You are so sexy and ….. Sexy ,)

  2. jane says:

    Tracey is so annoying her obsession with all things olivia is getting old.

  3. jane says:

    by the way olivia is much prettier than tracey and tracey needs to wear clothes than fit her huge frame. Get over mikey already its been years!!!!!! geesh!!!!.

  4. Thelma Lou says:

    Ok let me just say for the record Frankie is a whimp!!! The boys where I live would have gotten it DONE!!! He was looking for an out. Love Gigi and Olivia and what the H@ll is that crap on Tracy’s lips??? She needs a lift implant with those skinny things. At at least this season Gayle doesnt look like roadkill. Im also glad to see less of Alexa… what a mess she and her bimbos at Glam whatever are. They should be called the Glam Bimbos. Too much drama there and it is a wise thing for Doria to be in a second roll as she is not a star… Gigi is looking fine and so is Philly and Oliva we all lovew u

  5. Brenda says:

    I agree with everyone here. Tracey is so jealous…….of Olivia how sad. When someone is jealous of you, there is nothing that you can do to ease tensions. The first step in healing of being jealous of another, is to admit it. Unfortunately, Tracey will never admit it. She is like the “bully” in high school that wants to scratch out Olivia’s eyes.

  6. Commonsense says:

    Gigi is a very nice person but she is ugly. I’m sorry. She has a big nose like her mother and has wrinkles. She’s so young to have wrinkles but you can clearly see them on her face. I’m sry but she looks really bad. Mayb it’s the weight lost but I doubt it cuz Frankie looks fine. Tracy is evil. I don’t understand why such a pretty girl would be so jealous of another person. Tracy needs to lose a little weight. She’s thick and thick girls are so hot right now but she needs to tone it up. Olivia is a nice person. I think she looks perfect. My only think is, she wears too much eye shadow…like c’mon. Tone it down, girl! Alexis. I have one word for you….sleeves. please don’t show your arms. Your the only person in the world whose arms are fatter than their legs. Your disproportionate. All I can say is eww. Gal, enough of the extentions and red hair. Your hair look dry and damaged. I would hit the gym if I were you. Your skin is soo loose. Kirstie, fix your nose. Doesn’t look good on your face.

  7. sammi says:

    Alright all you people need to leave the Jerseylicious cast alone. You may not like one or two of them, but they still has feelings, they are still human beings like you. I know alot of people have been siding with Tracy or Olivia, but your not on the show and you have to let them solve their own problems. And Tracy isn’t fat and she has her own sence of style like all the girls on this show, you don’t have to judge them just because the dress different then you or wears makeup a different style then you do. Gayle is older then the others on the show so obviously she going to look a bit more wrinkely then theother girls, and her hair is her style thats the way she likes it and personally i think it fits her personality. And for Christy she just had a baby, god. Yes she is bigger then she was before she was pregnant, but she has done a great job losing the weight and she looks amazing. And she can’t “fix” her nose she was born with it that way and if she hasn’t done anything about it, that probally means she likes it or doesn’t care what people think, and same goes for Gigi. Gigi is pretty she doesn’t have wrinkles, i don’t know where you people come up with these things, they are just lies. Back to Tracy, you guys are horrible to her she isnt fat at all, her cloths fit her fine, and she isn’t obsessing about Mikey she is warning Olivia of what might happen if she isn’t carful. She is pretty and i don’t know why everybody hates her, has she ever done anything to you? Can’t you remember? This is New Jersey not like Nebreaska or where ever you are from with your disgusting commemts. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

  8. TEAM OLIVIA!! says:

    Everyone hates you Tracey. We all love Olivia! After that last episode I saw my hate for Tracey rose to boiling point that I actively sought out this page just to write hate mail to her. (And I’m in Australia ffs!) And I’m glad people on this website agree.

  9. Jasmine says:

    I’m not usually one to ever consider defending Tracy … but in this situation, the publicity crew of the show is portraying her all wrong. “Tracy confronts Olivia and Mikey about their budding relationship.” Uh, no, actually she didn’t. Olivia made the (rather smart) decision to approach 3 people who obviously don’t like her. Tracy didn’t do anything wrong here.

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