Police Protection or Police Harassment?

Posted on 14 February 2011

Maybe the recent conflict in Egypt was still fresh in my mind.  Or maybe the strife in our own society was heavy on my heart.  Whatever it was, last night, I was disturbed by a film I’d seen a number of years ago in the theater, a film that I had, at the time, enjoyed.  Set three thousand years into the future, two factions embroiled in, at best, an uneasy relationship and at worst, a violent past, decided to broach a tentative peace.  But despite the movie ending on a relatively positive note, I could not escape the question hanging heavily in the air: would the two parties truly find a way to tolerate each other?   Will we, living here in the 21st century?

This country has learned about tolerance the hard way.  The brave Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his followers, of all races, paid heavily for the lessons.  Some paid more heavily than others.  Despite their sacrifices, in some parts of this nation, we are still coming to grips with those lessons.

Orlando, Florida may be one such place, according to reports alleging certain threatening practices by some members of the police force.  While most police officers are genuinely committed to protecting the community against criminal behavior, there will always be some who abuse their authority.  The same can be, and has been said, about almost any group: business, educational, societal, or governmental.

The account that recently came to our attention, however, concerns one of police harassment by certain members of the Orlando P.D.  In this instance, the author recounts his frightening experience in great detail.  It is followed by comments from other, unnamed community members who claim to have had similar unpleasant experiences, though none as extreme as the author’s.  Although we cannot confirm or deny these happenings, the author of the original piece did indicate his place of business and his position as well as the time and the road on which the incident was reported to have occurred.  Since the tale smacks of the truth, it may be wise for law-abiding citizens and the Orlando P.D. alike to be aware of the reports, and wiser still, to take steps to safeguard against such incidents in the future. 


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