Pass the Pepper, Please

Posted on 16 February 2011

This isn’t your typical story about a woman using pepper spray to defend herself, but it is completely true.


A woman I have known for a quite a long time was en route to work one morning in the city.   As a native of the city, she had a creative job; she’d tucked her purse firmly into a large, portfolio type of bag that she had slung over her shoulder.  In the pocket of her loose, open coat was the vial of her trusty pepper spray.  The woman is a bit taller than average height, and is of average weight: not exactly an intimidating figure, but not a meek target either.


When she hailed an unoccupied cab, which had been hard to find that morning, the taxi pulled up.  She opened the door and began to slide into the seat, but was suddenly yanked backward, hard and silently.  Grappling to maintain her balance, the adrenalin pounding in her veins, she whirled to find a well-dressed man in a business suit pulling her shoulder bag with his free hand; in his other hand was a briefcase.  Assuming that he was a mugger, she let the pepper spray fly.  The wind carried it away from his eyes, but the spray assailed him nonetheless, in the lower part of his face.  Gagging terribly, he managed to choke out, “Why did you do that!?!  I’m late for a meeting and I really need this cab!”


So, he wasn’t a mugger per se — but he very well could have been, and the woman’s reaction was justified.  She could have been injured or even run over on the busy street.


The moral of this tale is that you don’t need to walk down a dimly lit street, or a near-empty parking lot, or a deserted corridor to rationalize the need to carry pepper spray.  Violence is escalating on all levels; once-quiet neighborhoods are now prey to break-ins, robberies, rapes, and worse.  Don’t wait for unthinkable to happen.  Arm yourself with a cayenne pepper spray from a reputable source committed to enhancing your safety.


Once you hit their website, you’ll find other essentials tools and videos for Self-Defense.  Designed for law enforcement professionals, private investigators, and businesses as well as general consumers, these include but are not limited to a comprehensive P.I. surveillance package and anti-keyloggers and detectors. 


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