A Few Good Men

Posted on 23 February 2011

With all the troubles in this world causing such doom and gloom in so many countries, and echoed by the media, one has to stop and wonder what the future holds for this planet.  Its Creator had a vision of “peace on earth, good will towards men.”  But that all flew out the window when he gave man free will and the very first representative of our race, Adam, failed the apple test.

I like to keep up with current events, but I have to admit that most of it is redundant rhetoric providing no real solutions. Soon, no doubt, Hollywood will probably make a motion picture depicting our way of life as seen through the eyes of innocence and making it all so politically correct.

I am also losing interest in the emails clogging my mailbox, bearing urgent “Forward” messages to alert all of my contacts of the impending catastrophes that will occur if I don’t heed the command to do so.  In days of old, before the Internet, news traveled at the speed of the carrier, whether it was pigeon, horseback, vehicular, or by air.

In today’s rapidly moving world, through the eyes of television and radio waves that are faster than a speeding bullet, we can watch and hear a man yelling “Fire!” in Katmandu, while keeping one eye on a sporting event.  It’s amazing!  I wonder what the Creator must be thinking now.  Hmm, could it be something along the lines of, “Where did I go wrong?”

In the midst of all this turmoil and media bombardment, America needs a few good men to illuminate the path to the Creator’s dream.  We need men made of the spirit of humility, kindness, and integrity, but where can we find them?

Strangely enough, in an email that actually contained some positive news, I learned about a Hollywood actor that visited our wounded warriors at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. This is a military convalescent facility that receives the wounded arriving from Germany. During this actor’s visit, he and his family toured one of the Fisher Houses on the base that are designated for families of the wounded during their recovery.

What he saw must have seen deeply touched his soul.  He asked how much it had cost to build this establishment.  After hearing the price, he took out his checkbook and donated a check in that exact amount.  Denzel Washington is one of a few good men that not only donated his time, but contributed to a worthy cause in honoring our troops.

One would think that the news media would have aired this act of generosity.  But it only received recognition in a local newspaper in San Antonio, Texas.  However, I am sure that the soldiers and their families at the Brooks Army Medical Center will never forget it.  We could use a few more good men like Denzel Washington.

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