UFOs Over China!

Posted on 06 October 2010

In 1947, reports out of New Mexico of a crashed alien spacecraft awakened the American public to the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation of Earth. The craze spawned hundreds of sightings throughout the U.S., some excellent and many not very good movies, scrutiny by the military, scientific inquiry, and popular speculation. In the intervening decades, the debate has raged as to the nature and source of these unidentified craft. Eight recent UFO sightings in China, however, have brought the matter to center stage yet again. The videos below report and provide images of the most recent encounters.

ABC News Report about UFO over China this past July:


Slide show of still images of the craft:


Video shot by airline passenger over China:


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3 Responses to “UFOs Over China!”

  1. Ain't Gonna Take it No More says:

    That’s not UFO’s. That’s an American spacecraft aimed at getting revenge upon China for all of the pets of ours they have tortured and killed with their tainted pet food and the children they have maimed through the manufacture of dangerous products. Bombs away, I say!

  2. Josie P. Alvarez says:

    If that is a UFO, why did it choose China? What’s China got that my little town in New Jersey doesn’t have? Heck, I’d have boarded their space vehicle willingly! No alien abduction for me! The employment rate and the economy in general has got to be better on their planet than right here. If they can afford to build such an advanced craft, it must be! Take me away, Calgon, I mean, aliens!

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