Time Travel: Proved!!!

Posted on 28 October 2010

I have often had the desire to travel back in time, to observe events or meet people about whom I have only read.  Always a “doubting Thomas” by nature, I would love the opportunity to travel back and witness Biblical events like Moses’ encounter with the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea, God’s presence with the wandering Israelites in the form of a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, Jesus bringing his deceased friend Lazarus back to life, or Jesus’ resurrection and meeting with his disciples that first Easter evening almost 2,000 years ago.

The skeptic in me thinks that I might discover that these events are not as they have been recorded and perhaps, not at all miraculous.  Yet, in my soul, I believe that all of these things happened in just the way they have been written.

I wonder further – if I met the heroes or villains from history, how might I assess them?  In my time travels, might I have considered George Washington a man of integrity or a pompous ass?  If I had gotten to know Attila the Hun or Adolf Hitler, might I have liked them personally or considered them friends?  If I encountered any of a number of people over the centuries who have been deemed Saints, would I have assessed them as devout and committed or mentally disturbed?

Until today, I considered these ponderings merely idle reflection.  Now, however, I have seen the light:  people have been traveling through time since its beginnings.  Perhaps, H.G. Wells’ story The Time Machine was not a work of fiction, but a biographical account from a time traveler.  As evidence, I present the video below.  It is a film clip from a Charlie Chaplin movie premier in 1928.  Note the woman in the dark hat who appears to be talking on a cell phone.  Is this proof positive of the validity of time travel?  Or, has this video been doctored? 


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  1. tone says:

    Charlie Chaplin time traveler revealed in another Chaplin movie.

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