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Online Games

Posted on 19 October 2010

Think that online games are only for kids?  Are you falling asleep at your desk?  Forgetting stuff that once came easy, like recalling the name of the actor who played Bill Cosby’s sidekick on the ’60’s thriller series, I Spy?  Unfortunately, memory loss is a natural part of the aging process.  You can take your doctor’s advice to ingest more antioxidants and get some more exercise, or you can do something a lot more fun.   You can play online games!

Medical science has proven that stimulation of the human brain in ways in which it is not accustomed is a sure-fire method of creating new mental pathways.  These pathways enhance memory and improve critical thinking skills, particularly as we age.  So, if we have to grow long in the tooth, why not do so with fun and flair?  You can get started today by visiting and playing some online games.

At, there is something for kids of all ages.  Configured for PC’s, Apple computers, or Web formats, you’ll be offered a plethora of choices, such “Find the hidden objects” games, brain games, card games, Mahjong (!), games for mystery lovers, and so much more.  The site provides games the minute they are released, so that you’re assured of the most current versions and genres.  Some you can play for free, while others can be purchased at highly competitive prices.   The site is bright, fun, and easy to navigate; in fact, you can get lost in there for a few hours without even trying.  What a great way to strengthen your memory!

Oh, and by the way … Cosby’s sidekick was the wonderful actor, Robert Culp.  I remembered that after playing Brainiversity 2®!  Now I’m on to play Pahelika – Secret Legends®, so that I can remember the names of Cosby’s and Culp’s characters! 

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