Jerseylicious Cast: Up Close and Personal

Posted on 08 September 2010

Style Network’s hit reality TV show Jerseylicious recently began its second season and will soon be airing the episode featuring George and Samir Yazgi who operate the Exxon Station and On The Run convenience store on Route 22 in Green Brook, NJ, just a stone’s throw from the Gatsby Salon.

While I’m sure that this season will offer even more drama and tension between Olivia and Tracy, I thought that perhaps our readers might like to learn a little more about some of the programs cast members in their own words.

Tracy DiMarco

Olivia Bloise Sharpe

Alexa Prisco (The Glam Fairy)


Filippo Giove


Enjoy the new season!


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6 Responses to “Jerseylicious Cast: Up Close and Personal”

  1. boyd randall says:

    Editor, Oh my hell I just witnesed one of the funniest episodes of a comedy I have ever seen. South Park just ripped the hell out of Jerseylicous and New Jersey as a state By morning you will be trying to sue them for defamation but if they can get away with making fun of the prophet of Muhammed. You have no chance. Watch it and see. If I owned the Gatsby Salon and wanted to stay in business I’d fire the ho’s for real employees. It amazes me that they are even still in business, I wouldn’t take my schnauzer to get it’s nailed trimmed there. What you need to realize is that poofy hair and long nails, fur prints and big muscles went away with the eighties. Besides that terrible accent. I know, I know I ‘ve heard it all before. They made fun of the Mormons but at least we held our own. Let alone the employees in the Gatsby actually think that your from France, the show only exists because of the boobs. After this airing, the thirty year reign of the salon might come to an end. That and such a terrible state that the state of New York dumps there garbage on you and I can see why. Oh but it’s a Jersey thing. -boyd

  2. kelley says:

    can I just say that tracy neds to do the world a favor and GET OFF TELEVISON.. that is the worst thing I have ever seen.. he is the worst drag queen ever, transvestite, whatever it is.. its beyond horrendous to look at.. I stopped watching the show, as to look at that is so distasteful ? it cant be described… if thats ho the jersey girls truly look ? YOU BET STAY IN JERSEY.. the rest of the world isnt ready for the looks of you.. especially the guy in the tracy role… pls, pls GO AWAY.. give our eyes a chance to stop bleeding !

  3. Rob says:

    Where’s the hating hater Boyd now?

  4. Jackie says:

    Omg I love you guys so much I wanna meet all of you.

  5. Lady Perry says:

    OMG ….I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! Can’t stand Cathy, she is so freaking ridiculous & has a terrible complex, especially where Gayle is concerned! Gayle has more class in her little finger than Cathy has ever had in her entire body!! Cathy looks like she’s in her 70’s, she needs the name & # of a good plastic surgeon …at this point, I’m not even sure a plastic surgeon could even help?!?! Tranny Tracy needs to go …she’s better suited for the soup kitchen then she is for an upscale salon!! Olivia hit the nail on the head (or should I say, kicked her in the head…hahaha) when she said Tracy was ugly …I would say, Tracy is freaking FUGLY!! Olivia is an absolute doll …she’s so beautiful, sweet, classy, & I think just an all around gorgeous young woman. Fillipo……ooohlala ….he’s delish & he could be this Cougar’s Cub anyday 🙂

  6. Mark Silvia says:

    First rule of thumb. I’m am so freakin sick of people that constantly insult people. You’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody” then don’t say it. Well Apply it!
    Nobody wants to hear how much you dislike someone because of the way they are. Who the F**k are you to express your hurtful, degrading opinion?..Anyone that ridicules others publicly ought to be kicked in the face. I know thats a little extreme but nothing compares the damage that’s done when somebody calls someone else ugly!..or told to go away. This is so childish and unattractive. If you think someone else isn’t pretty enough for you then keep it to yourself because one of these days its gonna all come crashing because of your trashing. To the cast of Jerseylicious: I love the show and so what if you’re over the top. You’re very entertaining. I hope you we grow old with you guys. I love all of you.

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