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Jerseylicious: It’s All Happening!

Posted on 30 September 2010

The fifth episode of Style Network’s runaway hit Jerseylicious airs this Sunday. In this episode, Gayle decides a dress code is in order at the Gatsby Salon after a few members wear short-shorts to work (video below). Olivia wants a boob job (video below) after learning her best friend and roommate Briella just got one. […]

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The Usual Suspects

Posted on 29 September 2010

The adage “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion” is an expression asserting that individuals in lofty positions need not only be pure in actuality, but also in the common perception.  While the state of being “above suspicion” may have been possible in simpler days gone by, it is a virtual impossibility today – just ask […]

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Your Garage Sale: 15 Ways to Do It Right

Posted on 28 September 2010

How would you like to make a few hundred dollars in a day or two?  You can do just that, if you hold a yard sale or garage sale the right way. Yup, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything, and this includes planning and conducting yard sales and garage sales.  […]

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Unexpected Trip to Paris

Posted on 28 September 2010

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez OK so my sister was returning from a business trip overseas last week. She had a quick stop in Paris to change planes but ended up with a 24 hour layover. Believe it or not, she actually called me from the airport to complain. She and her co-worker were being put […]

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The Pledge

Posted on 27 September 2010

Storm clouds are gathering over the upcoming 2010 elections, as they do most election cycles.   But these clouds are darker than those that have preceded them.  As Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate vie for our votes, each party promises the best type of control over government so as to resolve our national […]

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The Universe of Man: Truth at the Cost of Belief

Posted on 24 September 2010

If intellect is the engine that drives the vehicle known as man, it is emotion that provides its fuel.  Self-awareness and rationality separate mankind from the rest of the animal kingdom, placing him at the top rung of the hierarchy.  Yet, emotions – both positive and negative – provide us the impetus to employ our […]

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Christie Stands Down Heckler

Posted on 24 September 2010

Regardless of one’s opinion of New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, he cannot be accused of being a shrinking violet. I offer as evidence this video of a scene that played out this past Tuesday at a campaign event for Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman in Los Angeles.  

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Pray for Us Sinners

Posted on 23 September 2010

Kneeling in church before an altar, placing a yarmulke on our heads in humility to the Lord, or making a small offering in a temple, most of us — with the exception of confirmed atheists — respect the power of prayer.  Supplicating to our Gods, we pray to attain or sustain the things most central […]

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Jerseylicious: You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Posted on 23 September 2010

Season two of Jerseylicious is hitting its stride as it airs its fourth episode “Shore ‘Nuff!” this Sunday, September 26th at 8pm et/pt on The Style Network. Check out the juicy highlights from this upcoming episode and a Jerseylicious abs workout tip courtesy of Filippo! Plotline: Tracy and Gigi are planning an Atlantic City Weekend […]

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Write On New Jersey Survives Hack Attack

Posted on 22 September 2010

Two days after Tea Party Wire was hacked and two days before the popular social networking site Twitter’s users were re-directed to porn and other third-party websites, Write On New Jersey suffered its first significant hack attack.  On Sunday, September 19th, a hacker gained access to the Site’s ad server and began an assault that […]

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