The Beginning or the End?

Posted on 02 June 2010

When World War II unleashed devastation wrought by nuclear weapons, many in the scientific community questioned the validity of technological warfare. They pondered whether such a strategy marked the beginning or the end of civilization as we had come to know it.  Having learned nothing from history, our nation now questions it’s destiny in the face of new threats.

Wall Street’s collapse in 2008 was the equivalent of a nuclear attack upon American taxpayers.  Without consulting or gaining the approval of its citizenry, the Feds decided to bail out floundering investment houses and insurance carriers.  This event was followed by the inauguration of a new President, ushered in purely by virtue of his incessant vows to institute Change.  He’d promised to fix the broken government by making it accountable for its actions, giving lobbyists the boot, and cleaning up the big fat mess left by the previous administration.   But, like the Old South, his promises were gone with the wind.  Instead of a more austere approach to government spending, he pushed legislation to pump more taxpayer money into stimulus programs loaded with earmarks.

Our new leader also stated that he would narrow the yawing gap between the haves and the have-nots through the cure all of a national healthcare plan.  A Robin Hood plot designed to suck more money out of the taxpayers, this issue has become a political football.

No man is an island, and the same is true of government.  The rot in Washington, DC has spread to the State level, carrying its decay of financial woes.  Here in New Jersey, our new Governor, Chris Christie, has frozen spending on certain programs — in part, through promises extracted by our former governor, the filthy rich Jon Corzine.  Property Tax Reimbursement is but one program shoved into the deep freeze. With no cost of living awarded to Social Security payments, seniors who own homes counted on those property tax reimbursements.  We need them to soften the blow upon our incomes that remain fixed as costs continue to rise.

The Federal Government spends our tax dollars like drunken sailors while the States reduce entitlements to those who have paid into them.  Foreign nations receive hundreds of millions of American dollars to clean up after their natural disasters, but here at home, senior citizens receive nothing but a kick in the butt.  Taxpayer dollars are what Forrest Gump spoke of when he was told he had million dollar wounds.  He’d said, “I don’t know where that money is, because I never saw a penny of it.”


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4 Responses to “The Beginning or the End?”

  1. Jack S. Fogbound says:

    Good article,As A New Jersey senior citizen I feel the double whammy handed to the citizems of this country from these federal/state combos in resolving our financial problems. In the past any legislation that had to be passed has always used the “children and seniors” as the whippingg boy to get public opinion to get it passed. In reality, ouur elected officials feel lieing to constituents is acceptable once they get elected to office, from the President on down. Lieing is referred to as Mispoke or some other legal jargon to soften the sin of telling LIES. Our native Americans made it clear when they said, ” White man speaks with forked tongue”

  2. Z1 guy says:

    Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

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  3. Dawn Benz says:

    Nice, loved this post! keep up the good work..

  4. Senior Sam says:

    This is a good article that shows the attitudes of public officials, we must remind them that when elected they must listen to the electorate while trying to achieve campaign promises. We do not elect dictators in America it is still a Republic of the people and by the people. these seems to be no middle ground thinking in deciding issues that would bring fiscal sanity to our state We seem to move to the extreme left or right in making decisions of austerity. this time the seniors were thrown under the bus

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