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Posted on 16 June 2010

In creating a fortress of one’s home, one can take the obvious route of installing a state-of-the-art electronic security system.  Such a system includes devices that detect forced intrusions and simultaneously alerts the local police force of the break-in.  They usually include active, continuous monitoring by professionals.  With a system of this nature, one creates an entire home security team.

Whether or not one chooses to make the investment required to install and maintain such a system, however, there are simple things that can be done to help ensure that your property is not an easy target for thieves.  Various police departments, including the Fort Worth, PD, offer recommendations to safeguard your property and possessions.

These proactive police security tips are designed to prevent the theft of property, and worse.  They target intruders who “case” your property as well as those who may choose your home on the spur-of-the-moment, because you’ve made it easy for them to do so.  These suggestions should be followed when you are on an extended vacation, and/or away from your home over the course of the workday.

  • Leave a lamp on in at least one room of the house, and vary the rooms from week to week.

  • Leave a radio playing tuned to a normal audio level.

  • Ensure that the lights at the front and back entrances of your home are lit at night; replace dead bulbs promptly.  If you’re not home to turn on these lights, the internal ones, or the radio, buy automatic timers.  They are small investments well worth the price.

If you are planning a vacation or a business trip:

  • Don’t announce your plans to every Tom, Dick and Harry (i.e., the cashier at the checkout line and anyone else in line who can overhear you).

  • Make arrangements with your local Post Office to hold your mail while you are gone.  It’s as simple as signing a form, and you can retrieve your mail when you return.  An overflowing mailbox telegraphs that no one is at home.

  • If you normally park your car in your driveway or on the street, have a friend park his or her car in its place.  It will give the impression that someone is present on the property.

  • Have someone water your lawn and outdoor plants while you are gone.  If you need to pay a service to do this, it will be less expensive and a lot less stressful than having to replace whatever may be stolen or damaged in or around your house.

Nothing in life is guaranteed.  But following these tips will make you and your family less likely to fall victim to thieves and predators. 

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  4. Stun Gun Tester says:

    Between me and my wife we’ve purchased more pepper sprays over the years than I can count. But, no matter what self defense product you use, you need to keep it handy.

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