The Unemployment Pandemic

Posted on 16 February 2010

The graphical representation below demonstrates far better than words the staggering growth of unemployment throughout the United States during the period from January 2007 to the present time.  With double-digit unemployment spreading like a contagion to virtually every state and locality in the United States, our nation’s recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression seems dubious.

Perhaps, we can all land those “lucrative” work-at-home jobs.  Or, better yet, maybe we should all seek bailout funds from Uncle Sam.  If bailout funds had gone directly to the people rather than the Wall Street elite, then average Americans would have been able to pay their bills and keep their homes while consumer spending, investment, and entrepreneurship would have blossomed.

“While Nero fiddled, Rome burned” is an expression coined to symbolize governmental extravagance in the face of suffering and hardship by its citizenry.  While politicians in Washington posture before the media – feigning concern for the citizens who foot the bill for their salaries, lavish expense accounts, and junkets around the globe, real Americans encounter joblessness or the fear of imminent joblessness and financial ruin on a daily basis.

At the dawn of each day, government officials at all levels should be compelled to watch the video below.  Then, perhaps, they might discover the source of the collective discontent of many and commit themselves to developing “working” solutions. 

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6 Responses to “The Unemployment Pandemic”

  1. Kelly Morrison says:

    The video won’t play for me; it must be my browser and no doubt, God telling me to stop fooling around at work. But this is no laughing matter. I’ve know for a long time now that our govt. is callous and greedy. The current so called Recession (the govt. will never again use the dirty word “Depression”) is but the culmination of their uncaring, every man for himself attitude.

  2. Martin J. Nobleman says:

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  3. Jack S. Fogbound says:

    On the futile search for good paying jobs in America maybe its time to consider the problem and instead of solving the problem, go wih the flow. When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade and enjoy the forced vacation. Make new friends and visit your rich relatives who will try to find you a job just to get rid of you.

  4. Old Shoe says:

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  5. John says:

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