A New Year, A New You Starting Today

Posted on 03 January 2010

New Year

“Great oaks from little acorns grow” is an adage that has been used by many writers and is traced to the time of ancient Rome.  It represents a universal truth that is both clear and useful if applied to life.


Great people, quite obviously, begin as small children.  Likewise, great successes often develop from small enterprises.  Microsoft, arguably the most significant software company of our time, was begun by two college students.  Henry Ford built a single “horseless carriage” in the late 1800’s and later revolutionized manufacturing with the introduction of the moving assembly line.  Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century developed a movable type printing machine that transformed written communications and inaugurated a new industry.  And, the list goes on and on throughout recorded history.


When I meet children and young people, I often think to myself “Who will this person become?”  Will this person ultimately be a doctor, lawyer, inventor, scientist, explorer, politician, felon, an annoying telemarketer, or something else?  And then, I think “Who will I become?”  Because, you see, we are all of us growing and changing every day.  Although there are intermediate stages along the way, we never really “become,” but are always in a state of “becoming.”


And so, since we are always “becoming,” we always have the opportunity to grow that “great oak” from a “little acorn.”  All we require is the desire and motivation to begin.  What motivated those who have made significant contributions to mankind, I believe, is a passion for what they were doing.


Find something that you are passionate about and pursue it.  Start today.  You never know where it may lead.

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4 Responses to “A New Year, A New You Starting Today”

  1. Carmine says:

    As America looks for leadership 2010 may be the year for independent candidates for office to move our country in the right direction. America needs jobs to employ its people first, once the employment problem is solved we can concentrate on becoming energy efficiency and take the burden off an over taxed populace and business to breath new life into our struggling economy

  2. Sammy G. says:

    Remember also the adage, “As the twig is bent, so shall the tree grow.”

    If children’s dreams are not nurtured, if they are trampled upon and told that they are foolish and that children themselves are unworthy, tthe young ones will not grow into people who make lasting contributions to our society. Something to think about.

  3. Gustavo Buck says:

    Greetings – thanks for this informational posting. Please accept this, my English is not so good. Spanish is my native tongue but I am working on getting down English. Regards!

  4. Truman Imhof says:

    I’m happy I found this weblog!

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