British Monarchy vs. U.S. Presidency

Posted on 07 December 2009

1 Queen = 12 Presidents!!!


In an economic downturn, one wonders whether our Founding Fathers made the right choice in breaking away from England.  During the reign of England’s current Queen Elizabeth, we in the United States have had 12 U.S. Presidents!  Yes, that’s 16 elections, 12 inaugurations, and 11 pensions while our neighbors across the pond have had but 1 coronation.  Hmm!


Harry S. Truman with Queen Elizabeth

The haberdasher from Missouri looks a little uncomfortable in the presence of Royalty.

Queen with Truman



Dwight Eisenhower with Queen Elizabeth

Dwight compliments the Queen on her dazzling smile.

Queen with Eisenhower



John F. Kennedy with Queen

JFK appears a little preoccupied.  Maybe, he was expecting a call from Marilyn Monroe.

Queen with Kennedy


Lyndon Baines Johnson without Queen but with Dog with Floppy Ears

Apparently, LBJ had no photo ops with the Queen; however, he did take a photo with a dog named “Queen” (I made that up).

Queen Not Present - LBJ



Richard Nixon with Queen Elizabeth

Dick explains to Queen, “I’m not a crook.”

Queen with Nixon



Gerald Ford with Queen Elizabeth

What this bust shot does not show is the fact that the Queen is smiling through the pain of Gerry – noted for his clumsiness - stepping on her toes.

Queen with Ford



Jimmy Carter with Queen Elizabeth

Check out the smiles (or should I say grimaces).  These two clearly do not like each other.

Queen with Carter



Ronald Reagan with Queen Elizabeth

The Queen has just told a dilly, and the Gipper is either having a hearty laugh or yawning.

Queen with Reagan



George Bush with Queen Elizabeth

If you’re thinking that these two look like stiffs, you’re right!  This picture is actually of two mannequins.

Queen with George Bush

Bill Clinton with Queen Elizabeth

Clinton’s “cat that ate the canary” grin is because he had just been introduced to the Queen’s chubby intern.

Queen with Bill Clinton



George W. Bush with Queen Elizabeth

“Dubyah” is regaling the Queen on the bliss of rounding up cattle at the ranch in Crawford.

Queen with George W. Bush



Barack Obama with Queen Elizabeth

Now it’s the Queen’s turn to appear uncomfortable in the presence of our first African-American President (unless, of course, you count Bill Clinton).

Queen with Obama




Just thought I’d throw this picture in.




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26 Responses to “British Monarchy vs. U.S. Presidency”

  1. Interesting thoughts! May I add some facts?

    The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II cost £ 3m (the equivalent of £ 60m today, based on retail price index). A government paper of that period gave an insight into the government’s struggle to afford a £3 million coronation in the aftermath of the Second World War. At one point, ministers considered charging guests at Westminster Abbey 16 shillings a head for the food. Churchill later dismissed the idea as “shabby”.

    The Queen’s Coronation was in danger of becoming a cut-price affair in which the government even briefly considered charging VIP guests for their coronation lunch, according to records just released.

    The 2005 inauguration saw numerous corporations contribute $250,000 to George W. Bush’s second inauguration, which cost more than an estimated $40 million, while Obama’s inauguration cost $40 million said Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Committee, and “near $50 million” from the city. Barack Obama’s inauguration committee set a $50,000 contribution limit to underscore their “commitment to change business as usual in Washington.” As of January 6th, 2009, the committee had raised over $27 million and at least 378 gave the maximum $50,000. Although the committee is not accepting donations from PACs (political action committees), federally registered lobbyists, or corporations, they are accepting donations from individuals with active lobbying interest such as Google and Microsoft executives such as Eric Schmidt and Steve Ballmer.

    People, who complain about the cost in a Monarchy, never take into consideration that the Monarchy of the United Kingdom had one coronation in 56 years, while the USA have their inauguration every four years. Multiply this year’s cost by 14 and you see how much cheaper the Monarchy effectively is.

    More details here:

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