Attention: Soul Patrol!

Posted on 08 December 2009

Kid One Medical Transport

This is not a contest or a competition; there are no free tickets to Grease or a shadow gig, and no autographed harmonicas.  What this is is a quick and easy way to honor Taylor Hicks, give back, and in one fell swoop, feel great this Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa season.


Go to


and click the Donate Now button.  Stick with me, please, and keep reading, even if you think you can’t afford a donation.  Donate whatever you can, and at the end of the first form you’ll be asked to fill out online, click the Continue button.  This will take you into another page where you indicate that you are making the donation in Taylor’s name (suggestion: A Taylor Hicks Christmas/Soul Patrol).


If ten people donate $5 each, we will have paid for a single ride in a Kid One van.  If the same ten people donate $10 each, we will have provided one round trip for a child or expectant mother who otherwise has no transport-access to vital healthcare.   If 200 of us give $5 or $10 each, imagine the good we will do.  Remember that Taylor brought KidOne to our attention.  Remember how much joy he has brought us all via great new music and wonderful new friends we would not and could not have made without him.


Times are tough now, but think of what $5 or $10 really means to you.   It’s the cost of a single drive-through meal or one-third of what you’d spend on a manicure.  It’s the cost an over the counter mascara, a cheap after-shave, or a paperback.
Together, we can do this.  Together, we can make a difference.  And, we can give twice by emailing or linking this article to a friend or loved one.


Nobody’s keeping tabs on who gives what.  Give what you can, if you can, out of the joy of giving and because you wish to honor Taylor.


Many thanks and blessings to you all, or as Taylor would say, y’all.  Have a happy and sacred Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa!


For those unacquainted with KidOne, here’s a brief run-down; more information can be found on their website (the link appears above).


Johnson & Johnson honors a handful of charities each year for their innovation and drive.  The Kid One Transport is one charity so honored.  As the only 501 (c) (3) nonprofit of its kind in the state of Alabama and one of only a handful of such nonprofits in the U.S., its sole mission is to transport children and expectant mothers to and from all manner of healthcare appointments: diagnostics and therapy.  If a child requires dialysis, has been classified autistic, or suffers from some form of cancer, or if an expectant mother and her unborn child is at high risk, Kid One Transport is there — but they are only there because of donations from private individuals and a few sponsorships from generous corporations as well as partnerships with Site Savers America, Vita Smiles, and several other community resources.


Imagine if your child were suffering and you had to make the choice between keeping your job, and thereby, the roof over your child’s head, or ferrying them back and forth to medical appointments.   Imagine if you were carrying a baby and needed special medical care, yet had no way to access it.  This is the gap that Kid One fills and the peace of mind that they give.


On a shoestring, with a great deal of integrity and stamina, this is Kid One’s mission.  Currently, they service approximately one-half of the State of Alabama, with hopes of going State-wide and perhaps if God is willing, nationwide.  In September of 2007, I visited Kid One in Birmingham, Alabama with my good friend Pam Moore.  We both of us emerged shocked, humbled, and changed.


The charity operates seven days a week and alternate drivers are always scheduled, in case of emergencies (the charity was turning no client away).  The vans that Kid One uses take a heavy pounding and do not last more than two to three years.   Add to this the cost of gasoline and then do the math.  On that sultry morning two years ago, Pam and I waited for the charity to open its doors.  In the parking lot of their modest office building sat two vans:  one brand spanking new, painted with the black and yellow colors and logo of the organization, and the other clearly on its last legs.  These were not vans a la SUV’s.  These are large vehicles equipped to accommodate children and expectant mothers with special medical needs.


If Alabama and her children seem a long way removed from you, think again.  In your life, you have a child somewhere: a child of your body, or a child or your heart.  A grandchild, a niece, a nephew, a student, a neighbor.  A child in need is a child in need, regardless of where he or she lives or any other superficiality.


This holiday season, do something that will lift your heart (I promise it will!) and help a child or expectant mother who truly needs your assistance.  Donate, please, whatever you can to this very worthy charity.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and from the hearts of those you will lighten with your kindness.

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11 Responses to “Attention: Soul Patrol!”

  1. Gio says:

    I’m familiar with Kid One; my wife is a fan of Taylor’s. I will definitely donate something & pass it on to my family & co-workers.

  2. xxxoooxxxooo says:

    I know about KidOne, from the attention Taylor has brought to it. It’s a worthy charity and I’m happy to donate.

  3. To All,

    As the Executive Director of Kid One, I am always happy when groups want to support our very fine organization. I am grateful to whoever wrote this……..please support our organization. The families we support would be truly grateful. Please whoever started this, contact me. Thanks.

  4. Kathleen Felleca says:

    Karen, I left you a message this morning on your voice mail.

    Times are indeed tough, and tougher still for the sick children and high-risk expectant moms that you good folks service. I do hope that the Soul Patrol is out in full force to support Kid One with whatever each of us can contribute.

    God bless,

  5. Linda says:

    I understood that Kid One asked that the Taylor Hicks affiliation be ended. I’m surprised to see this article. What’s really happening?

  6. Kathleen Felleca says:

    Linda, I’m surprised that you heard such a thing, since Taylor has supported Kid One well before the world knew his name. I would like to know where you heard this. Here are Karen Peterlin’s words again, as stated above:

    As the Executive Director of Kid One, I am always happy when groups want to support our very fine organization. I am grateful to whoever wrote this……..please support our organization. The families we support would be truly grateful.

    As per my phone conversation with Karen of Friday, Dec. 11th, the charity is pleased to have the support of Taylor’s fans and anyone else who recogizes the value of the service that it provides for sick children and expectant mothers.

  7. Make Money Online says:

    Thanks for making such a killer blog. I come on here all the time and am floored with the fresh information here.

  8. Kallie Froneberger says:

    I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

  9. Keri Riddle says:

    First off great blog. Im not sure if it has been addressed, but when using Chrome I can never get the whole webpage to load without refreshing several times. Maybe just my modem. Appreciate your work

  10. Hot mature says:

    Live every day as though it were your last.

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