Expect a Miracle

Posted on 06 October 2009

Witness a Miracle

To Cicero, the Roman orator and statesman of the first century B.C., has been attributed the saying “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”  The expression is, like many of its ilk, self-evident.  Without life, there can be no hope.


Sometimes, however, it is difficult to perceive hope within life.  The absence of hope within life is despair, an emotion that has driven many into insanity, senseless acts of violence, and suicide.  It is easy for an individual to write off a bad day; we all have them.  But, how easily can one dispense with a bad week, a bad month, a bad year, or a bad decade?


When one is in a state of despair, it seems as if the forces of nature, the stars, albeit the entire universe is aligned against him.  All roads are jammed, all news is negative, and all attempts to communicate one’s plight fall on deaf ears.  The people with whom this unfortunate individual is closest not only do not hear his message, they continue to place demands upon his already spent resources.


To paraphrase Horatio Nelson, British admiral and naval hero, “Desperate times require desperate measures.”  But, acting out of desperation rarely produces a desired result.  Desperation clouds one’s abilities to think rationally.  Acting irrationally is usually unproductive, like building a house on a foundation of sand.


What then is the remedy for one in the throes of despair?  Faith and hope in a beneficent, just, and merciful Diving Being controlling a seemingly chaotic universe.  Alexander Pope, the English poet, expressed the sentiment “Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest.”


In short, if you find yourself despairing your place in this world, expect a miracle.  Its very expectation exponentially increases the possibility of its occurrence.  And, faith born of expectation engenders the hope that will sustain you in even the “darkest of hours.” 

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  1. Frustrated in New Jersey says:

    In the cold and dark after Hurricane Sandy, I hope that I can expect a miracle.

  2. janie camarillo says:

    Hey very interesting blog!

  3. lenora cooper says:

    A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

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