Concealed from You: The Other Secret

Posted on 20 September 2009


There is a concept that holds that the universe contains everything we need, essential to our survival and happiness, and that the universe, in turn, is contained within each one of us.  Although a best seller entitled The Secret hinted that this concept is largely unknown, it is actually an ages-old hypothesis with its roots firmly planted in spirituality.  For a theory to have survived so long, it must contain truth.  As you seek employment, then, look within you as well as without.


If you are despondent over the loss of your job, you may wish to try on a new perspective the way you might try on a new coat.  Observe the glorious, turning colors of fall signifying the death of the season.  As the leaves wither and blow away, as the chill of winter comes on, know that it will be followed by spring, and that springs always follows winter.  See your time of unemployment not as a terrible long-term fate but as a temporary period in your life as well as an opportunity for growth and change.


Just as animals return to their burrows for the winter to store energy for the time that the sun will once again replenish the earth, return also to your resume and career search strategies with a new focus.  Are your accomplishments salient as well as relevant to potential employers?  Is there something that might be deleted, such as older jobs that are no longer pertinent or portray you as “too mature?”  And, are you using all of the technological and human networking tools at your disposal, to best advantage?  Are you accessing the “hidden job market?”


Finally, take a good look at yourself.  You are a valuable, creative individual; your work history proves that.  You are marketable and employable.  Know this and go forth with renewed confidence and strength.  And may God bless you in this journey. 

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3 Responses to “Concealed from You: The Other Secret”

  1. Darryl Coleman says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. HobGoblin says:

    Well, this is a new perspective, all right, and a welcome one considering the angst that seems to gripping many of us nationwide right now. Thank you for this very positive article.

  3. bathrooms says:

    Keep up the interesting posts. I love to see keen bloggers!

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