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Stranger in a Strange Land

Posted on 20 July 2009

Nineteen years ago, my husband’s corporation, headquartered in New York City, distributed booklets to their workforce in preparation for the influx of their Asian brethren, both co-workers and new clientele.  A primer for understanding the mores of India, China, and other Eastern nations, the booklets were a proactive move to facilitate the integration of distinctly […]

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Does Your Vote Really Count?

Posted on 18 July 2009

In the days following the hotly contested 2000 Presidential Election when a recount in certain key counties in the state of Florida was being conducted to determine which candidate would secure the State’s electoral votes and become the 43rd President of the United States, Al Gore, the Democrat candidate, and his supporters coined the expression […]

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How to Conduct a Successful Job Search

Posted on 17 July 2009

In today’s depressed economic environment, finding a job, any job, is often a Herculean task.  Finding the right opportunity – the one that brings with it the right compensation, benefits, location, advancement potential, and balance between personal and professional lives – may be likened to finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”  If you want […]

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When Cultures Collide

Posted on 16 July 2009

  Peanut butter and chocolate.  Taylor Swift and Def Leopard.  James Carville and Mary Matalin.  All of these combinations must have seemed, at first glance, dichotomies.  Appearances, however, can often be deceiving as these components — one half of a whole, if you will — actually work quite well together.  Such is the case with […]

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The Promise

Posted on 15 July 2009

Down through the ages, Saints, Angels, and other Divine Beings of Healing and Light have been depicted with beatific visages, glowing halos, and wings to enfold and safeguard the humans to whom they are assigned.  Sometimes, however, our heavenly protectors take more earthly, but no less inspired or efficacious forms.  Such was the case with […]

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The Road to Immortality

Posted on 14 July 2009

It seems that nearly everyone not sequestered in a Tibetan monastery is talking about Michael Jackson’s passing; all forms of media have exploded with coverage.  While countless fans, both die-hard and casual, seem ready to just let the King of Pop rest in peace, others wish to forget this inarguably talented and arguably strange American […]

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To Eternity and Back

Posted on 13 July 2009

Time is the portal through which each of us travels during the course of our lives.  Far from a single gateway, time is continuously recreated, providing a series of exit and entry points that, in their aggregate, comprise the meandering passageway that defines our lives.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday, we often lose […]

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The Gentlemen Ghost Revelers of Cape May

Posted on 11 July 2009

New to the Garden State, I set out on an exploration, never dreaming that my jaunt would take me straight to the site of a haunting.  Knowing nothing about the quiet seaside town of Cape May (which many claim as the most haunted town in New Jersey), I rolled in clueless, taking a room in […]

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God, the Economy, and Chess

Posted on 10 July 2009

Like the fiery avalanche that felled the Twin Towers, 9/11 ripped through our collective consciousness and continues its ripple effect.  Who among us in the metropolitan area has not, in that horrific blink of an eye, suffered an irreplaceable loss?  Who of us is not acquainted with someone snatched from the jaws of death that […]

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Job and Job Hunting Scams

Posted on 09 July 2009

The Latin expression “Caveat emptor,” translated “let the buyer beware,” is an enduring reminder that, throughout recorded history, purchasers of goods and services have always had responsibility to perform “due diligence” to ensure the fulfillment of their purchase expectations.  Had the modern job market existed in the time of ancient Rome, sages of the era […]

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