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The Messengers

Posted on 31 July 2009

“Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus . . . ” (Luke 1:30)   With those words from the angel Gabriel, the lives of a peasant girl from Galilee and of […]


Wake Up, America!

Posted on 30 July 2009

Paul Revere was a Boston silversmith as well as a patriot, whose efforts galvanized and protected our nation in its nascent stages against what, in this age, could be deemed a hostile takeover.  During the American Revolution, Revere helped to organize an intelligence/human alarm system that, literally, kept its eye on invading British troops bent […]

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Posted on 29 July 2009

I am sure that many of you out there have been curious as to why people get tattoos, particularly as some of the population feels that such art desecrates the human body.  The art of tattooing has been around, according to some sources, since before recorded history.  Believing that their souls were guarded by the sprits […]

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Kaplan Promotes Paff for Lieutenant Governor

Posted on 28 July 2009

  Libertarian Party candidate Ken Kaplan has tabbed John Paff as his running mate in the upcoming gubernatorial election. On the heels of selections by sitting Governor Corzine of liberal state Senator Loretta Weinberg of Teaneck and by Republican candidate Chris Christie of Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno, Kaplan has again demonstrated his independent streak […]

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Truth or Consequences

Posted on 27 July 2009

In today’s business world, truth is not a commodity in great supply.  As our economy tanks despite massive infusions of public capital, evidence surfaces that those with whom many, great and small alike, have entrusted savings, retirements, and other monies have defrauded them.  Bernard Madoff, convicted of masterminding the world’s largest Ponzi scheme, and R. […]

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The Question

Posted on 25 July 2009

“One man come in the name of love, One man come and go. One man come he to justify, One man to overthrow.   One man caught on a barbed wire fence, One man, he resist. One man washed on an empty beach, One man betrayed with a kiss.”   — Pride (in the Name […]

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Diogenes, New Jersey and You – Perfect Together!

Posted on 24 July 2009

Diogenes, for the uninitiated, was a Greek philosopher born in the late 5th Century, BC.  An influential member of a school of philosophy known as the Cynics, Diogenes believed in living a simple life of virtue in harmony with nature.  The image of Diogenes most familiar to the modern world is that of a man […]

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Dr. Jonathan Pitney House

Posted on 23 July 2009

The shingled, stately home whose Atlantic City address is 57 North Shore Road was once the residence of Dr. Jonathan Pitney, one of the town’s principal founding fathers.   Although the good doctor passed on in 1869, many feel that his spirit has never left the house.   In life, Dr. Pitney was an imposing and […]

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Are You for Sale?

Posted on 22 July 2009

Prostitution is illegal in most states.  Legalities aside, it is apparent that many of us are, without actually selling our bodies on street corners, promoting or using them for personal gain, including fattening the profit margins of commerce.   While most men tend to simply turn up the charm a notch in order to get […]

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Posted on 21 July 2009

Things used to be easy.  All right, easier. The bad guys wore big black hats and rode into town on big black stallions, terrorizing the townspeople until the sheriff and his posse corralled and hanged the dirty weasels, who surely got what they deserved.  Now, the bad guys stand chic in their designer wear, steering […]

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