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Janet Evanovich

Posted on 22 June 2009

“Some men are born to greatness, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”   When Shakespeare wrote that line, he failed to mention women as well as those who pursue greatness with a single-minded purpose.  But we must forgive him, for not even The Bard could have seen Janet Evanovich coming.  A […]

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True Colors

Posted on 22 June 2009

As we enter the new millennium of the “audacity of hope,” one has to wonder if the current direction of government conforms to the promised future of this country.  It is the first time in the history of our country that government has taken over the financial system including mortgage lending, a major national enterprise in […]

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The Whine and Wine Circle of Trust

Posted on 21 June 2009

You never know what life may throw at you.  Our Whine and Wine get-togethers are not just a bunch of Ladies sitting on a porch getting tipsy and complaining. We are a support group for each other:  a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a helping hand.  When one of us is having a […]

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WFAN’s Mark Chernoff: Unfiltered

Posted on 19 June 2009

It is an honor for WriteOnNewJersey to have communicated with Mark Chernoff, Vice President of Sports Programming, CBS Radio and Operations Manager of WFAN, past and current home to some of sports talk radio’s most distinguished luminaries in the genre’s pantheon.   He has graciously answered questions about his career in the medium, including his background […]

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A True Tale of Things that Go Bump in the Night…and the Day!

Posted on 16 June 2009

A relative stone’s throw beyond the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn, New York became the repository for throngs of immigrants.  As the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth, refugees who had flocked from all parts of Europe to Our Lady of the Harbor arrived with dreams of a new and better life as well as time-honored […]

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Leap of Faith

Posted on 15 June 2009

Have you ever thought that you had a guardian angel?  If so, maybe you came to think about that angel, or perhaps a stroke of great good luck sent your way, when you have narrowly missed having an accident.  Or perhaps it was something not as dramatic as a near-accident; maybe it was something simpler, […]

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A Very Spooky Whine and Wine

Posted on 14 June 2009

We get into the strangest conversations at our Whine and Wine gatherings. The particular Whine and Wine that I am about to relate was hosted by Stephanie, our newest member.  She had lost her brother a couple years ago, and as we had been friends with him at one time, the subject of afterlife and […]

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I’ve Seen the Saucers!

Posted on 12 June 2009

On October 30, 1938, the evening before Halloween, Orson Welles broadcast an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic novella, “War of the Worlds,” as an episode of the American radio drama anthology series “Mercury Theater on the Air.”  The resultant hysteria, created among listeners who had either missed or ignored the program’s opening credits, brought the […]

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Whatever Happened to America?

Posted on 11 June 2009

Growing up during the Great Depression, life seemed to be simpler.  There were no televisions, telephones, or credit cards, and there were surely less automobiles on the road.  Those who would come to invent the Internet were not even born!   During those times, the average family had but a sole provider to make ends meet.  […]

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Living On The Run

Posted on 10 June 2009

How many of you out there feel like you are always rushing through the day with never a moment to yourselves?  When you are working, do you actually take a real lunch hour?  Or do you grab some junk food from a vending machine or stumble through a checkout line with barely a word to […]

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