I’ve Seen the Saucers!

Posted on 12 June 2009


On October 30, 1938, the evening before Halloween, Orson Welles broadcast an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic novella, “War of the Worlds,” as an episode of the American radio drama anthology series “Mercury Theater on the Air.”  The resultant hysteria, created among listeners who had either missed or ignored the program’s opening credits, brought the question of extraterrestrial visitation of earth squarely into the public consciousness.


Wells’ story begins in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey, a section of West Windsor Township.  More than 70 years later, extraterrestrial visitation is still a hot topic in New Jersey, this time in the Salem County community of Pittsgrove.  According to information available on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website, there have been three reports of unidentified craft over the area in the past month.


At 10:45 PM on Sunday, May 3rd, Joshua Beyer and his father John were walking along the street in front of their home.  Suddenly, to their west, they witnessed what was described as a “fire orange” ball of light in the sky that they estimated to be “approximately one-half mile” from them.  As they watched awestruck, the ball of light appeared to hover for “15 minutes” or more.


Ten days later on May 13th, witnesses again saw an “orange fireball” in the night sky.  This time, it was reported as a “disc” and “spinning.”  And, it was joined by four other objects of similar appearance.


On May 19th shortly before midnight, Joshua Beyers again spotted a “huge orange ball” in the sky.  He ran inside to call his mother, and on returning, they both witnessed a “huge triangle shaped craft” that was “spinning” and “hovering” above Green Branch Park.  Passers-by in a vehicle traversing the road, stopped to view the object.  Attempting to contact authorities, Joshua discovered that the home’s phone lines were dead and ditto his dad’s cell phone.  He returned to his vantage point in time to observe the triangle shaped object shoot “straight up in the air…like a bullet.”


The Pittsgrove reports are sandwiched by reports in April and June of this year of strange lights in the early morning and nighttime skies over the Woodstown and Turnersville areas in South Jersey.


What are these alleged “craft” and why would they target New Jersey?  No one knows for certain.  Yet, appearances of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) over the New Jersey skies are not a new phenomenon.  On the night of March 23, 1950, Mrs. Lewis Prentiss of Rumson, New Jersey, on her way to pick up her husband at the Little Silver train station late one evening, witnessed three unusual objects in the sky that she described as “three port holes with lights behind them.”  That case, unresolved by the government investigation known as Project Blue Book, is among public records recently declassified.  And, in 1952, in the daylight skies above the North Jersey town of Passaic, was spotted the object whose image is published above this article.


Given the property tax situation in New Jersey, one wonders why ET would want to call the Garden State “home.”

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4 Responses to “I’ve Seen the Saucers!”

  1. MercyMercyMe says:

    If this is our military testing a new form of aircraft for potential warfare, I think I’d find it scarier than the thought of intelligent life vvisiting the Garden State.

  2. Edster says:

    If the ET’s are seeking to relocate to the Garden State, I’d say we need to rethink the blanket term usually attributed to aliens: “intelligent life”.

  3. Wila K says:

    There is a lot of evidence pointing to the high probability of ET’s being an actuality. There is a radio program hosted late on Saturday nights and into Sunday mornings, called “Coast to Coast”, that was once hosted by an Art Bell; it delves heavily into such things. I can’t recall the call letters of the station but if anyone is interested, I’m sure you’ll find it on the Internet and at one time, Art had a website. Thought provoking and chilling.

  4. JTK says:

    Oh please.. you find Coast to Coast convincing? Get an grip.

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